I Love You, You’re Pefect, Now Change


4 Apr 2008 – Manoa, Hawaii

Life can be full of surprises. Mike Freed (Loon), an AT fellow hiker and friend is here, on route to Los Angeles. He completed the Pacific Crest Trail, PCT last year, and is the only person I know who has completed the AT & PCT. Very inspiring and admirable to hear his experience and see the pictures. The 2,600mi PCT crosses California, Oregon & Washington. The extreme desert climate, snakes and lack of water source do not appeal to me. Hopefully I can just hike the Washington part (Northern Cascades) someday. This thru-hike is not for me!   

Fri- the neighbourhood theater, Manoa Valley was staging the title entertaining comic musical. The theater is on the grounds of an old cemetery, charming & serene. Love- such extensive definitions & interpretations discourages me to open another can of worms! The endless discussions have yet to produce satisfactory answers. If love exist, it seems complicated & indefinable, thus out of reach for me who prefers the simple and uncomplicated life! Mike, Charles (Nero’s uncle) & I, the baby boomers can probably relate to the intriges. Huang, Nero, Lisa & Adrian, the below 30s, will need to experience their own life journeys. Good luck and thank you for the enlightening company.

True love is like a ghost, everybody talks of it, but few have met it face to face –
Francois de La Rochefoucauld