Vancouver Island

17 Apr 2008 – Horseshoe Bay & Campbell River

Cousin Klaus, 15 uncle’s son was showing me his elastic bow-tie was when I first met him Christmas 1969, he was 8. 15 uncle & his family were then packing to move from England to Canada. Early 2000s- met up with 15 uncle & the rest of his family (aunt Elise, Edith, Susannah & her daughter, Brenna) during their SIN visits & my 2006 visit here but somehow, Klaus was not around those times.

Sun & Mon- Klaus & I  caught up to present time! He is a hiker too. Appreciate his wake-up morning coffees, good company at Port Moody, drive to Horseshoe Bay, car ferry to Vancouver Island landing on Nanaimo & drive to Campbell River. The journey from Port Moody to Campbell River is about 5hrs including the ferry ride. Tue- uncle Cheong & aunt Elise gave me a guided tour around Campbell River, a pleasant walkable town.

Vancouver Island – 32,134 sqkm with a population of 734,864 in contrast to SIN – 704 sqkm and over 4 million people! The space & clean air here are certainly an advantage to healthy living, both physically & mentally. 

There is no foreign land. It is the traveler only who is foreign –
Robert Louis Stevenson