Orchard MRT Station/2023

12 Mar 2023 – Then And Now

Thu: downloaded this amazing aerial pix(can even see Blk46MC when zoomed in) trying to remember&imagine what it was like then with just EC-Rd before land reclamation & now with MP-Rd,ECP,EC-Pk.

Former SupremeCourt with a beautiful green-domed roof before land reclamation, and the new SupremeCourt, the spaceship roof with MBS in the foreground

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. A long productive day starting the morning with delivering sputum specimen to SGH – fascinating concept for dripping umbrellas, but not needed today, so could not test it. In less than 45mins on 3different buses – bus196 to SGH, 75 connecting to 16 to PlazaSIN.

PlazaSIN, a good location to run all kinds of errands. Spotlight has expanded and now a wider choice for craft&party-stuff sections.

Used the Kopitiam card for the last time and got the balanceS$14.98 refunded. This card will no longer be valid after Jun2023 and too much an effort to make it a point to be at these locations to use it from now until then.

Its been awhile ago since in OrchardMRT-station. Rather confused to discover many new changes – now 11eixts! When there is a will, there is always a way…

Despite the well-marked signs with directions, got to the exit I thought was ShawTower to discover that it brought me to the OrchardBlvd side of Wheelock. Oh well! now I know and I also know why I prefer the bus where there are familiar landmarks to help with directions. Looking forward to the completion on the MP-side of the TEL-Line/brown. Will be able to visit Les&Ivy directly from MT-OrchardBlvd stations on that line.


Liked this from last year when #6 was visting – Acar,BitterGourd,AssamFish-dinner@WarungPadang,FoodRepublic,ShawTowerS$8, but somehow the taste is not what it was…  it is what it is, it’s not what it should have been, not what it could have been, it is what it is.

Sat: appreciations&tkx to Clement for Sue’s belated Bday(Thu9Mar) delicious steamboat dinner&dessert from Châteraisé – am totally blessed with niece&nephew.

Sun: to spring forward with your clocks at 02:00hrs for those living in Daylight-Saving-Zones. School holidays are on for the week ahead, so will avoid the shopping malls.

Basement of TanglinMall is newly revamped with trendy Korean eatery. Have not had the chance to try as when in this area am usually heading to have home-cooked dinner at Les&Ivy – appreciations to them for tonight’s dinner with their young friends.

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