A Candlelight Concert

8 Mar 2023 – Happy Women’s International Day

Sun: another rainy day here and so starts another track season in SC,USA yesterday and here is #4(now taller than both her older sisters), running like her mother,sisters,brother. The very best to her for this season and looking much forward to seeing my USA-flock in May – pix credits to first-born. It does not matter how slowly you do as long as you do not stop – Confucious

Mon: here comes the sun this morning – make hay while the sin shines! Tkx to BranchingOutArt/USA(pix credits to Brenda) and to The Academy of Art, Creativity&Consciousness for their shares to these beautiful artworks – one of my favourite subjects, trees.
The trees will tell their secrets to those that tune in – Steven Magee
Have been fasting all of Sunday and today until dinner, and feeling better after some stomach discomfort over the weekend – best to stay indoors away from all food temptations! The body seems to need a break from food.
Tue: a long day started with follow-ups appt@SGH.
Bus196 getting off@MountbattenRd for a short stroll by GeylangRiver to check out this main branch Decathlon. Stopped by the McD for an ice-cream, disappointing service, they forgot my order and had to remind them. Used to frequent this location in my working days@NetBall.

Thank you to Clement for this evening’s lovely experience@my old school, the CHIJ-chapel, now CHIJMES-Hall.

Candlelight: Best of Hans Zimmer at CHIJMES with thousands of candles and a delightful performance by VocaliseStringQuartet with these pieces:

Pirates of the Caribbean, Inception, Interstellar, Wonder Woman, Lord of the Rings, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, Madagascar, Gladiator.

Amazing how my old school has turned to be such a hip trendy location for all kinds of pubs&eateries. The nuns must be kicking in their graves if they knew what has become of their beautiful historic buildings&grounds – hahaha!

Appreciations for dinner@ChinChin/PurvisSt and dessert@Venchi/RafflesCity – first time tasting their yummy Cappuccino ice-cream.

Wed: Happy International Women’s Day

2 more words using the Chinese character 女
女女 nuan = quarrel by adding 2 women together!
姦 jian = adultery by adding 3 women together!!
Welcome Winnie back to SIN, nice to be able to catch up with classmates Peggy&Rebecca from 1960sCHJ-schooldays – lunching@MT-market and strolling on EC-Pk to MCove for coffee. Too busy chatting that the camera was forgotten. Joy-ride on Bus48 with Winnie accompanying her to LeedonRd where I have not been since the 1960s! Of course the church was not there then, but this rooster is probably the descendent of some other fowl life from then – lol.
Since in the HollandV area, tkx to Leonard for yummy dinner@MianJiaNoobleBar – Stewed Iberico Pork with Homemade Wanton Dry Noodle, Crispy Fried Golden Shrimp, Chilled Baby Kai Lan in Roasted Sesame Sauce, Spicy Chili Oil Homemade Wanton – pix credits to him.

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