Hello Mar2023

4 Mar 2023 – 58Mar-Birthdays

Wed: hello Mar&HappyHumpday. There are 58pp I know of with MarBdays including family&FB-friends! Yesterday’s rains were relentless, so far less this morning. Appreciations to all who are sharing your lovely pix where ever you may be and delighted to see the younger generations living an active&constructive life. Hoping&looking forward to being on a go again from May onwards…

Happy MarBdays to family

2Mar – ArleenUAMLI
3Mar – LAM JungZni George
4Mar – Brenna LAM-KENNEDY
6Mar – LindaTAY
9 Mar – LEONG SueLyn
11Mar – KenTAN
13Mar – RobynKAWAMOTO
14Mar – EllieHALL
15Mar – DanielWONG
17Mar – LEONG Pat-Lynn,BethYEOH,Happy St Pats
18Mar – LinnHALL,LAM YiSheng
31Mar – JosephineLAM

Other MarBdays:

AlexChua,AnthonyChao,GelYeo,HannahLeong&NattyTay(SIN), JohnLim(Australia), AmeliaPower, PaulDrumm&StevenKao(Dublin/Eire), ThomasHeggelund(Norway), KVLee(UK), AlSosa,CeeWorel&JaniceTubbs(USA).

Amazing to know a total of 58ppl with MarBdays including family&friends. Was trying to figure out why so many MarBdays – counting back 9months, must be the summer…

Thu: here comes the sun this morning at the local market, hopefully the sunny spells will give some business to these vendors after Tue rains~225mm (the heaviest rain recorded was on 2Dec1978/ 512.4mm).

Tkx to RY for these well-done photoshopping with me in the MC-MT area. Would be very busy if could do such good jobs with photoshopping!!

Appreciations&tkx for crab dinner@CC
Fruits for fruit-cocktail-salad and to that, a dash of Cointreau gives this dessert a nice kick, top with vanilla ice-cream or fresh whipped cream if your taste craves that.
Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad – Miles Kington
Fri: celebrating an early Bday for Gel with dinner@The BurningOak,BedokMarketPlace. The taste was not as it used to be, but then perhaps my taste buds have changed with age&health conditions.
Did not know of both the EastVillageMall and PalelaiBuddishTemple existence in this location until yesterday! The cakes from CartisanCafe@the mall were OK. Despite cool weathers under shelter@EC-Pk, the rains stayed away and in good company with hot-ginger-drinks, brownies,cakes+cookies, a lovely evening passed by quickly. The rains started again when I was good&ready tucked into bed.
Sat: another rainy day to enjoy the time with movies&music – do not remember that there were so much rains at this time from the previous years, but then the memory is not as it used to be..
On this day in 1925, the ATC was founded! Happy birthday 98yrs to the AppalachianTrailConservancy, and it was 18yrs ago I thru’hike this trail – pix downloaded.

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