Revamped Peranakan Museum

16 Mar 2023 – Oscars 2023

Mon: appreciations&tkx for delicious 4-course-lunch and according to the host, he is thanking us for helping him to eat up his food before he takes off for a holiday!

1st time seeing a wooden 3 Tier Swirl Stand – such a good idea with it swirling and not having to move the stand about, especially when it is heavy like this one.

Oscar 2023: Everything Everywhere All at Once wins best picture+6other awards with MichelleYeo as the best actress. A movie with too much action for me to understand but happy for our neighbour-country to have someone to be proud about – have enjoyed her acting in many other movie roles. Giving voice to characters that have no other voice—that’s the great worth of what we do — Meryl Streep

Tue: Happy 18Bday to #2 who has turned into this amazing young lady graduating Salutatorian from high school in May2023. Looking much forward to being there for her graduation after missing #1 graduation. Bday dinner pix credits to 1st-born.

Also means that it was 18yrs ago that the AT-thru-hike(3,500+k) became real and hopefully the PEI-thru-hike(700+k) will not be just a dream in Aug.

Visiting with Winnie the newly revamped PeranakanMuseum/former ToaNanSchool@ArmenianSt,  remembering the opening of ACM then in 1997 at this location. Closed in 2006 to reopen in 2008 as PeranakanMuseum; 2019 closed again for another revamp until last month. For my overseas family&friends – Peranakan refers to a culture of mixed Chinese&Malay heritage

The main bulk of the exhibits are still there but differently presented, and 2 of my favourite pieces of jewellery are still there. Do miss the embossing stamps for the kids when they do the quiz at the different gallery. Somehow do have a soft spot for these embossing gadgets and would still play with the one at the FullertonHeritageGallery whenever there!

These lantern-lights from the lobby-ceiling are new! Appreciations&tkx to Winnie for popiah@QiJi,FunanMall and safe journeys to her as she will be returning to her home in the USA on Thu.

Wed: CAE/USA-OSL/Norway-IAD/USAS$1,612(meeting up with Nancy in DC for our drive to PEI/Canada). Long distance air tickets with UA,AA,SK now finally booked for SIN-CAE-OSL-IAD-CAE-SIN from 1May-15Sep for a total of S$3,340.

Appreciations&tkx to Carmel and Pam for arranging a last moment ticket for this interesting screening of BroJoe’s doc-film bringing back fond memories of this amazing  person who has done so much for the SIN arts scene.

Trust me to be at the wrong Projector cinema! and had to take a cabS$10 from BeachRd to OrchardRd – oh well,  better late than never.

Thu: appreciations to the Irish Embassy for the invite to St Patrick’sDayReception@ConradCentennial.

Nice to be introduced with the first female, 7th Irish Ambassador to SIN, SarahMcGrath – now there are pix taken with all of them since BrendanLyons, 1st Irish Ambassador to SIN in 2000.

Glad to see a familiar face, tkx Elizabeth for the selfie. And delighted to meet with a local celebrity HossanLeong, have been a fan of his since I first saw him 20yrs ago in Honk.

Not a fan of Guinness, but this whisky was quite good. The ShepherdPie and desserts were OK – do miss IrishStew and the BreadPudding with the brandy sauce…

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