Preparations For 2023 CNY

20 Jan 2023 – The Year of the Rabbit

Tue&Wed: needed these 2days to do whatever had to be done, including preparing for the next wave of the CNY socials. 

Thu: was planning a quiet day but realized that some last moment errands were needed. Appreciations to Clement for the RabbitRedPackages and for ChickenRiceDinner in TheHainanStory ChapterOne (Hotel Boss). Lovely stroll to WaterlooSt, sometimes the unplanned things are the best! But they were out of RedMelonSeeds.

Continued on the bus to Chinatown in time to get to YueWah before it closed. Thank goodness there were some packages left and even managed to snap a few pix before the rains started. Will be back another night when its less ppl&cars.

Fri: Ivy called and had to make a trip to PP to pick up some last moments CNY-goodies for her – not sure how many more times I can do this, but will always try my best to help as long as I am able. Since I was out&about, might as well pick up more mandarin oranges. Again just back in time before the rains, despite me liking the rains&cool weathers, do really feel for the vendors who depend on this major CNY-event to earn their main profits. Mm Lee – Fengshui Is utter Rubbish, from my understanding, it does not only applies to Fengshui, but also to things like horoscope, etc, and I fully agree with him here. Its going to be another busy social weekend. Preparations for the Rabbit to pop&hop out of its hole are more or less ready, but

A sly rabbit will have three openings to its den – Chinese Proverb
The 1st family reunion dinner was with bro Steven’s family when Vincent was back end of Dec2022 in SIN for a short visit.
Tonight is the 2nd reunion dinner with Les&Ivy and probably the only time to get Wolf-herring in the LoHei. Appreciations&thanks for delicious reunion dinner with Jo&Michael+Sue and the Chuas, just a small family group @ParadiseTeochew/Scotts Square.
In my childhood days, we had a simple YeeSang 魚生=raw fish for CNY(originally a Cantonese dish). Nowadays it has been improvised with more ingredients and also salmon or other seafood is used and I am not a fan of any of the other seafood besides the fresh raw wolf herring. Not sure  when they started to refer YeeSang to LoHei? Presumably it evolved from a simple raw fish salad?? But beyond any doubts the King of YuiSang/鱼生 is

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