Welcoming The Year of The Rabbit

24 Jan 2023 – Visits & Visitors

Sat: welcome Henrietta&Francis from HKG for Meepok brunch @TanjongPagarPlazaMarket&FoodCentre. Being CNY’s eve, many stalls were closed, thus not much selection.

Was even brave enough to step into Chinatown to snap some shots! Too tired to go for more reunion dinners tonight, need to charge up for all the visits for the coming week.

Sun: A very Happy 21st Birthday to #1 – appreciations&thanks to 1stBorn for these pix of my beautiful grandchildren, the FabulousFive in the USofA.

KongHeiFattChoy to all celebrating the Lunar/Chinese New Year of the Rabbit on this 1st CNY-day.

Appreciations&tkx to Les&Ivy for delicious lunch+wines to start me looking much forward hopping with eagerness&enthusiasm into more adventures&journeys ahead.
Nice to catch up with Michael&Sharon+Alex&girlfriend. Tkx to Theresa&CJ for visiting.

Mon: on this 2nd-CNY-day visiting with 2nd sis-in-law who was recently promoted to a great-grandmother, niece JenLeng to grandmother, grandniece QiYing to auntie and grandnephew KeeYang to a father. Starting a new generation in the LAM-family with Baby Anna’s 1st CNY. Looking forward to meeting her soon, today she was home asleep.

Words can not express the joy of new life – Hermann Hesse
Nice spontaneous meet up with Lily&AngelinaÔng who text me while I was about to hop on the MRT in Kranji. Since they were in town and for me to get back from the West-East of the island, BencoolenSt was just a slight detour. Tkx for my favourite ice-cream@FortuneCentre and safe journeys onwards for them.

Tue: 3rdCNYday, headed again to the other end of the island, 2days in a roll to be in the West&North ends! – to visit with 11thAuntie(95, eldest of the BG), nice to catch up with cousin Ken&Cynthia@BinjaiPK

And with 18thUncle&Auntie(87, youngest of the BG). Tkx to cousin Sara for lunch&dessert@CausewayPt

Took the opportunity to check around the new Woodlands InterChange; got OliveRice to go and Bus168 back to Bedok InterChange a joy-ride of 1+hr. Thus wrapping up the CNY-family-visits for this round and who knows if the energy will still be there for a next round?

Hallo, Rabbit, he said is that you?
Let’s pretend it isn’t, said Rabbit, and see what happens ― AA Milne

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