73rd Birthday

16 Jan 2023 – Days of Celebrations

Fri: welcome to AhChee from Canada – it has been 50+yrs ago since we last crossed paths during our student days in Dublin/Ireland. Nice to meet with his wife, Angie. Tkx to Les&Ivy for hosting a scrumptious LoHei dinner last night. A great evening catching up with news from this 1960s-70s-group of IGAS, IrishGrads who are all grandparents now!

YiQian PrivateDining壹仟私厨Cantonese&Teochew fare – Prosperity LoHei with Lobster龍虾撈起, MarinatedBabyOctupus 潮式腌小墨斗, Beef with SlicedGarlic琥珀蒜片牛柳粒 pix of 3 of my favourite dishes there.

BraisedSlicedDuck鹵水鴨片, SoonHock笋壳鱼Steamed TeochewStyle潮州蒸, MustardGreen with CrabMeat蟹肉鱼漂大芥菜,Wok-fried GlutinousRice with WaxedMeat 生炒臘味糯米飯 https://www.yiqianprivatedining.com/

Sat: Happy Pongalஇனிய பொங்கல் to those celebrating this Hindu harvest festival(14-17Jan). Thanks to nephew Clement for lunch at the MajesticRestaurant, MarinaOne. https://www.facebook.com/majesticrestaurantsg/

yummy foods,

had fun exploring this new exciting location.

Threw some magnetic darts(first time with these kind of darts and has been a long time since I threw any darts!) in the basement.

Coffee&drink@TheSingapuraClub – for once music from the 1950s-70s could be recognized&related to and not blasting thru’ boombox, but in comfortable volume providing relaxing ambience with just us there(would not want to be here in any crowds). A pleasant&peaceful afternoon went by quickly.

Tkx to Calvin@CC for hosting this celebration with my favourite durians

for JanBdays – myself, Estella, David, Iyas and SkyThian. Appreciations to Estella for good Tequila

Sun: tkx to Les&Ivy for dinner and to Shawn for durians – wow! durians 2 nights in a row, sugar level is now probably high enough to get me thru’ any long distance walk, hahaha!!

Amazing to hear about May/Pat’s trip in Japan, especially the MoonFlower Sagaya Ginza, Art by TeamLab. Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting and according to her – a beautiful experience of food like eating in a moving artwork. Fish sprang from plates, water flowed round, flowers bloomed. On my bucket list but will probably be too distracted to eat.

Mon: tkx to AT-fellow-hikers, HiHills&MissWiggy for beautiful orchids and to Wendy for TorchGingerFlowers. Appreciations and thank you to each and everyone of you for your kind&thoughtful Bday gifts, treats&wishes. Need to give the stomach a rest before the next wave of socials for the CNY. When I was in my 50s, I thought I’ll never make it to the 60s. At 60s I thought that’s it. And now 73, still on my feet enjoying life to the fullest.