Busy Social Week

12 Jan 2023 – Guests From Australia&Switzerland+Light to Night Festival

Mon: a quiet day needed before the storm of socials this whole week.

Tue: tkx for including me for last night’s claypot-reunion-dinner at NewLuckyClaypotRice/HollandDr and  desserts  at DailyScoop/ChipBeeGardens 

with nieces Judy, Daisy, nephews Vincent, Clement(seldom time that I can get a pix all these 4sibilings together!), grandnephews Stanley, Darryl from broSteven’s branch – missing Annie&Andrew. Welcome back to SIN, Vince, even just for a short visit, safe trip back to your other home in Australia.

Wed: welcome Bill back to SIN and welcome Tanja for her first visit, hopefully many more visits to follow. From the airport straight to a bowl of PrawnNoddles at DaDongPrawnNoodles 大東蝦麵@JooChiat where every morsel was thoroughly consumed&enjoyed by guests from Switzerland. This noodle stall has been around since 1966. Now, at the helm of it all is WatsonLIM, a 31-year-old 2nd-generation hawker who has decided to take over the reins from his father.

Bus36 to Esplanade, changing to Bus75 a short walk through

to see what is new on my favourite handicapped-staircase.

Appreciations to Theresa&CJ for yummy steak dinner and the best tasting bamboo I have tasted. This amazing lychee is delicious&juicy and with this kind of size&cost, one is all you can eat. Usually not a fan of prunes, but this PruneLapis 黑棗千層蛋糕is good.

Thu: will be guiding Bill&Tanja thru’ a brief&short colonial walk from CHIJMES(1852)VictoriaSt(my old school)walking to show the magnificent colonial architecture. Passing by StAndrew’sCathedral(1836), being wrapped at present!, National Gallery(1939)formal SupremeCt,

VictoriaHall(1862), AsianCivilisationMuseum(1867)orginally planned to be a CourtHouse, SIN-River, FullertonHotel(1928) formal GPO,

CliffordPier(1933), LauPatSat(1824).  

Tkx to Calvin for LoHeiDinner@TanXiangYUÁN/LittleIndia


LightsToNightFestival2023 – pix credits to Helen. Ephemeral + Hearing Padang by Atelier Sisu

May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out ― JRR Tolkien

Pulse by Felix Frank 


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