Early 2023Bday Dinner

8 Jan 2023 – Belated Decoration From Norway

Thu: on this 12thDay of Christmas, when all the decorations are usually taken down, but this beautiful paper-mache-handmade star by #6 arr from Norway(snail-mailed 16Dec). Another reason to leave the decorations up until the weekend!

Happy Bday to my High-Tech-Guru Leonard, without him would have given up being online! Nice to see allotment-gardens, a lone-swimmer+some school-field-trips enjoying the day on my late morning walk. A good teacher will let the mind stretched by a new experience that can never go back to its old dimensions…

~7k walk from ECpk viaKatongPkUnderpass-MountbattenRd-OldAirportRd-blk34CassiaCres to pick up broLes’s, and my too favourite mini-paus. Took the bus16 back, not a fan of carrying too much stuff when walking longer distances!

TanglinMall is ready for the CNY, elevators at the overhead bridge on GrangeRd(TourismBoard-GrangeResidences) are now working.

Nice to be able catch up with cousinYeng, her daughter Jessica visiting from Canada+cousinChing&HengHuat Missing ZhaoMing who just flew off back to Canada.(13thAuntie’s branch). Appreciations to Les&Ivy for having us.

Fri: tkx to cousin Lock, a medical dr who survived cancer for this interesting share(seen  it some time ago, but forgot to share!), educational but do pay attention and watch the whole video despite it being nearly 2hrs.  Sadly for me, words like corruption, greed, hypocrisy, etc pop into the mind.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmxUsAI29fw 

Sat: thank you thank you Gel for this early BdayDinner, one of the freshest&delicious crab meal I have had – what a treat.
There is a saying in Baltimore that crabs may be prepared in fifty ways and that all of them are good.H. L. Mencken

Yummy noodles from PehGee delivered from IpohTuckKee Son/KatongBranch 怡保德记仔highly recommended. The only issue now is that they are next to one of my favourite ChickenRice stalls@KatongShoppingCentre, oh dear! the luxury of these kind of choices-hahaha!!

With my kind of energy nowadays, my contribution, desserts&drinks – store-bought strawberries&grapes, homemade-coconut-AgarAgar+LemongrassTea. Fun meeting new ppl and one who has climbed to the top of Mt Everest(Sagarmatha) 8,849m,29,032ft. What an exciting&interesting evening listening to Lee PehGee’s 2009climb, something I will never do despite that the views being spectacular from there. Pix credits to Gel&Lynette.

Sun: finally Christmas decorations can be taken down to be stored away, and with some luck, might be able to put them up for another season! Just to know what I have in storage before taking out batteries, etc wrapping&boxing them. The 2022AdventVillage can hopefully be improvised with a coat of gloss paint on the houses for the next season…

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