Welcome 2023

4 Jan 2023 – Goodbye 2022

Sun: from SIN my birth country with 4national languages/English,Chinese,Malaya,Tamil – 新年快樂SelamatTahunBaru,புத்தாண்டுவாழ்த்துக்கள் and from my other homes at one time in Ireland, AthbhliainFaoiMhaiseDuit, Norway, Godt nytt år + USA and here is to wishing each and everyone Happy&Healthy 2023 now that the whole world is into 2023 – the 1st being Samona&TongaIslands and last, Baker&HowlandIslands.

Appreciations and thank you for good company, Calvin,Sam, Helen&Wendy/CCgroup.

Gravlaks, Hams&sausages with GermanPotatoSalad

Cheese, fruits&desserts and all the foods went down well without any leftovers. Thank you Helen for beautiful flowers and for all the pix.

Mon: on this 9thDay of Christmas, no Drummers drumming, but its a public holiday here in SIN today. Stayed put to not get caught in crowds before school starts tomorrow. Appreciating all these yummy goodie-gifts from all over the world – many thanks to all for them. A needed quite day to give the body&mind, especially the stomach a rest!

Tue: getting organized before putting away the season’s decorations, greetings, etc. This year will probably not be taking them down until after the 12thDay of Christmas as I will be having ppl over for the weekend. Looks like life will be busy for this month ending the TigerYear with the RabbitYear falling on Sun22Jan, Katy’sBday when she will be 21.

Really! National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day who comes up with these 2023 Daily Holidays that fall on 3Jan???
Festival of Sleep Day
Fruitcake Toss Day
Humiliation Day
JRR Tolkien Day
Memento Mori “Remember You Die” Day
National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
National Drinking Straw Day
National Write to Congress Day

Wed: package from PEI arr and still hoping to hike this thru’hike 700km/435m if only I can find some support to carry my hiking gears, no wish to hike with a fullpack. Just hope that I will catch my breath, have been short of it the past week! Feelings come and go, but conscious breathing keeps me sane.

And so I have to live. Because we live for more than just ourselves, Most of the time we live for others, keep putting one foot before the other, left and right, left and right, so that walking becomes a habit, just like breathing. Ina n out, left and right ― Thrity Umrigar, The Space Between Us

2 – Happy Bday Darryl
5 – Happy Bdays GeraldC & Leonard
6 – Happy Bday CindyH
9 – Happy Bdays Judy & Lee
10 – Happy Bday KeeYang
11 – Happy Bday MickK
15 – Happy Bdays AngieS, Estella, JoshuaL & me!
18 – Happy Bday Isabelle (SunSun)
20 – Happy Bday DavidLam & Mayven
21 – Happy Bday Michael
22 – Happy Bday Katy
24 – Happy Bdays 15thUncle & OleK

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