The Forgotten Seven Sisters Festival

17 Oct 2022: Mr Harrigan’s Phone

Fri: Happy National Dessert Day, an excuse to indulge with your favourite dessert – too many favourties to decide, depending on the mood! Ice cream never disappoint, especially my fav Ben&Jerry’s CoffeeCoffee.

On Netflix MrHarrigan’sPhone – a boy and an aging billionaire bonding over books and their first iphone – genres stated drama, but read after the movie that is a teen horror drama film based on the novella by StephenKing from the collection If It Bleeds. If I had read that first, StephenKing, horror! would not have watched it, but glad that did not read first as it got me reflecting to check if certain thoughts have changed?

Would not consider it a horror movie. Can relate to MrH who chooses to live alone and his comment about the danger of false info becoming common&accepted as true. A good advise from him to Craig was that he will dispatch enemies with haste and feel no guilt. When Craig asked his teacher about ghost and she replied that one should not summon the dead unless they want an answer and that not all ghost are holy. When the Gods Wish to Punish Us, They Answer Our Prayers – Oscar Wilde

Movie based on true story – Heaven Is For Real, a true story about a 4yr Colton who visits heaven during a high-risk operation on his burst appendix.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people living for today…

Have recently read that so far there are 4,200religions, but prefer to keep to a minimum words about them in my blog postings. Thoughts&feelings regarding the differences of beliefs,rituals,religions,etc are usually personal&subjective. Have learnt&experienced that it is usually not constructive discussing about them unless ppl can respect,share&learn from the differences, ie being objective&open.

Beliefs,faith,hopes,religions,rituals etc vs logic&reality – is that possible? As DeniseS puts it so eloquently – Our humanness makes us vulnerable and we all seek solace in different ways. I suppose it depends on the devils that haunt one from life’s experiences that determine what manner of solace we choose.

Re-reading some of these past blog postings and some from more than a decade ago, and perhaps the mind may have matured now – hahaha! Thoughts have not changed much, but more important that the mind is now more open to admit not believing does not mean that it does not exist for others who believe.

Sat: appreciations&tkx and congratulations to LynnWongYQ for a great book launch in Chinatown Reviving QiXi, looking forward to reading this signed copy of the interesting bi-lingual(Chinese/English)forgotten SevenSistersFestival.

Nice to catch up with Ernest & Victor; PatrickYee’s impression on how QiXi was at SaiBakMun/NorthwestGate西北門in the 1930s, now Habourfront. Could not resist shooting today’s real photographer – would have fallen and unable to get up if this camera was hanging around my neck!

Delighted to meet ChooLS who has a pix of 5TemenggongRd from the 1950s, excited to see it and hope that he will find the time to share it.

Views from 5TemenggongRd 1950s&2000s are shared on pp146,155&156 where growing up with 3grandmothers when every such festivals, rituals, etc were marked with all kinds of foods&offerings. Great fun for the kids, usually not having the slightest clue what they were about, thus just good memories transported back in time. Now looking forward to learning more from the book.

Chinatown is as usual full of life with various activities, including a wedding despite of the high-wave of Covid-infections. Today’s launch&walk-abouts were all outdoors, except for the bus-rides to&fro, where masks still have to be worn and sensibly so.

Sun&Mon: with the 4-walls more or less back to normal with a slight change, now more time to prepare foods which are time-demanding. SmokedSalmonLadybugs on cucumber&creamcheese with chives, made of cherry tomatoes&blueberries garnished with dill, black-sesame-seeds take time to prepare, but only a few seconds to eat- hahaha. Annette suggested black olives, and good idea for those who like that, personally, the smoked salmon is savoury as it is and I prefer contrast of the sweet blueberries.