Hello October 2022

4 Oct 2022: Hello Family From Norway

Sat: hello Oct, after talking on the phone yesterday with Starhub to learn that I had to be there in person to renew the SeniorPlan S$9monthly is worth it even when it means being at the location@Bugis 1045hrs(opening 11.00hrs). There was already a line ahead of me, 1000hrs brunch@my regular BakChorMee-haunt across the road first expecting to wait@Starhub. After an hour wait, was done in 5mins. The sky opened up on the bus, no umbrella was needed – shaded bus stop all the way back to my 4-walls where all the beds are ready for family!

ChangiAirportJewel: a bite@FoodRepublicS$12 so-so food but managed to get O’s favourite mini pineapples&candies@FairpriceFinest.

ChangiAirportT1Arrival: crowded – in future, if I ever have to be there to meet anyone, will bring my own Helinox chair to wait in this GreenArea and hopfully not be chased away! All’s well that ends well – family from Norway arrived safe&sound as scheduled, now they will need to adapt to food,time,weather, etc for their short visit here.

Dinner@neighbourhood’s ZiChar was too much, but #6 still managed to finish his favourite dish.

Sun: his morning view taken by him on his new camera – bday present from his parents.

A successful morning dip in the sea – pix credits to his mother, this grandmother is too much of a whimp to be near or in the weekend crowd.

#6 favourite food小籠包 Xiaolongbao from his favourite place 鼎泰豐 DinTaiFung and yes he managed to finish all that using chopsticks and as he said, only way to eat this dish so as not to destroy the skin!

Mon: collection with his stuff including a new baseball+bat and a full face snorkeling mask  – the grandmother can now venture out on weekdays and can still throw ball, hahaha.

If I would have known that grandchildren were going to be so much fun I would have had them first 

This mask is quite amazing, got me thinking about when there were only 4 such masks small enough they could use for the ThamLuangNangNonCave recuse in 2018. MotherHen keeping an eye on her chick while he is testing out his new mask with success&satisfaction.

No matter how many times I have been down this ArabSt&HajiLn area, there is always something new to discover

and this time round, a new sculpture@ParkviewSq – now closed on Sun&Mon@Atlas, formal DivineWineBar.

https://amylamsg.com/2012/04/18/parkview-square/ https://amylamsg.com/2015/05/03/tourist-guiding-from-the-scarlet-hotel/

Tkx to nephew for yummy burger dinner@AndazLobbyCafe.

Tue: 2nd-born off to work and the guys to PulauUbin while I am trying to clean&tidy up with the drilling&hecking from somewhere upstairs who is doing some renovations – ear-plugs are most useful lately. Pix credits of the wild life@PulauUbin to #6

Oct Bdays
3  – Happy Bday CHONGSiongYin
6  – Happy Bday DavidWONG
7  – Happy Bday 80thLeslieLAM
8 – Happy Bdays Larry LAM, AudreyWONG and KONGHengSun
12 – Happy Bday Karen SCAF-BENHAM
13 – Happy Bdays DavidYUNG
16 – Happy PatriciaLAM
21 – Happy Bday SteveLAM & DeeHALL
27 – In memory of EllenHALD Sr
29 – Happy Bdays KwokLockLAM & KieraCHUA
31 – Happy Bday AdelineLEE, MarkBOROWSKY, and Happy Halloween