Bugis Junction & Bugis+ 2022

21 Oct 2022: Wandering&Meandering About&Around

Tue: happenings yesterday, Mon but did not have time to post, better late than never! Running errands at BugisJct and sad to see that the fountain there is now out of bounds. Looking back with fond memories at the time there with #6 while his mother was shopping(Feb2020)and I had him to myself with towel&change of clothes ready. Oh well! perhaps some accident happened and things need to change, will always have this pix to remember&see how much fun it was for him to experience this fountain when it was possible.

Glad to find Daiso there to pick up odds&ends. Its been a long time ago since last crossing this shopping overhead link-bridge to now Bugis+formally Iluma, when it was opened in 2009. https://amylamsg.com/2009/09/24/ilumia/ Bought 2Uniqlo round shoulder bags/black&blueS$39.80 – needed light smaller easy to reach bags fitting in the basic real necessities instead of blindly groping into backpack or bigger-bag for buscard,other cards&phone.

Tkx to Helen for my fav ice-cream@FortuneCentre, belated NationalDessertDay, but always in time to eat this ice-cream anytime, any day! Ben&Jerry’s CoffeeCoffeeBuzzBuzzBuzz, most appropriate for my new buzz-hair – hahaha. They have taken away this flavour from the few Ben&Jerry’s here and this is the only location, tkx to Clement for the find. Everything slows down with age, except the time it takes cake and ice cream to reach your hips…

Short walk to CC via LASALLE College of the Arts as she has not been inside. Nice to discover another of BroJoe’s sculpture, BlackHole, do not remember seeing this at the opening in 2007? But then 15yrs! was a long time ago, and with the crowds, etc have probably overlooked this amazing sculpture.

Appreciations to Calvin&friends for more food@CC, hi to Zoey&THEN ChihWay and will certainly remember someone with a family name THEN! And he was in NS with others named SO and HOW, making them SO THEN HOW – lol. Walked to the jcts of Serangoon, Selegie, BkTimah, Sungei, RochorCanal roads (downloaded jct-pix from JeromeLim) to check out the lights, the best spot to take pix without walking down LIttleIndia/SerangoonRd – to be posted for Deepavali.


Wed&Thu: tkx to Clement for brunch@BedokInterChangeHawkers, he is on his way to The BanyanTreeResort/Bintan(opened 1995) for the weekend while I am running more errands before the weekend&public holiday crowds.

Do remember vividly staying in luxury for a relaxing weekend there 1996(long before blog-postings), in a 2bedrooms OceanviewInfinityPoolVilla, which was affordable as working for a travel co in Orlando,FL/USA then and was charged IATA rates, otherwise would not be able to have had such a wonderful experience.

Fri: TGIF and enjoy the long weekend for those who live where Deepavali is celebrated&marked. Wandering&meandering around to do errands&meet ppl the past week to avoid crowds during weekend&public holiday. Istana entrance taken from IstanaPk. The DeepavaliIstanaOpenHouse will be on Mon from 0830-1800hrs and will be open to all visitors.

Spotlight@PlazaSIN has completely changed their layout taking a longer time to find a few accessories needed for sewing, still prefer the choices of fabrics@ArabSt. Nice pop-up stalls outside the Kopitiam. Like the idea that I can slowly enjoy&taste these teas without any of the sales-pitch, ie there was no one to man the stall, but 3thermos+disposible cups were there for anyone wanting to taste with a code to scan if you have questions or for purchases.

Why buy it for $7 when you can make it yourself for $92 of craft supplies – hahaha