Safe Flights Back To Norway

13 Oct 2022: Hello Garry

Mon: successful day for family@SungeiBuloh, while it was another laundry morning+follow-up appt@SGH and no complications after tonsillectomy. Watching #6 enjoying one more night dip with his new water toys and some advance Halloween cakes before his flight tomorrow.

Tue: tkx to Clement for one more basket(10) 小籠包 XiaoLongBao from #6’s favourite place 鼎泰豐 DinTaiFung with a robot directing us to out table. The record for XiaoLongBao is held by Kiera who ate 22, ie 2+baskets – wow! difficult to beat that!! Ready now for their long flight via Finland back to Norway – no direct flights from SIN-OSL.

Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end; it simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again…

Wed: is it possible that it has been 6+yrs ago??? and it was also a Wed in Mar2016 when Garry&I last met and on transit with champagne-picnic-basket@ChangiAirportT1, but this time round just Bfast@TheHainanStory海南寶ChapterOne/Hotel Boss as he had an overnight stay. No champagne or solving world’s problems this time round, hahaha but great to catch up with his driving trip in Australia and the new apt in Sydney.


Mar2016: : how lovely to be able to catch up with Garry on transit. Enjoyed a nice chat and picnic with him at T1 viewing gallery where we did not have to deal with the lunch crowds or the noise. Unable to solve the world’s problems this time round, but the Kinetic Rain there never fail to fascinate me.

Nov2008: Garry in Norway –

Jul2010: visit to Bali –

Safe onward journeys to Garry and until we meet again. Perhaps then, will our cards be in better position to trump over evil the next time round.

Thu: airing&sunning cushions, floor-rugs, mattresses, etc – make hay while the sun shines despite that mattresses are not made of hay! nowadays, it shines mainly in the morning, but somehow today there was no rain all day, perfect day for autumn-cleaning. Most of the laundry done, ready to be stored until the next visit.

2Halloween basketsUS$80 taken care of to be delivered to family in SC/USA. Convenient with online shopping and WineCountryGiftBaskets/USA where they have all the addresses used by me in their system, must have been using them the past 2decades.

First time hair was buzzed was just before AT-thru’hike/USA May2005, tkx to Dee then. Time for another buzz, now its all white! in anticipation to hopefully get in shape for another thru’hike/bike/drive in Aug/Sep2023@PEI/Canada. Much to read&research with mental&physcial preparations ahead and the world reveals itself to those who travel on foot.