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4 Nov 2008 – Goodbye Norway

Congratulations to Barack Obama. The signs indicate that USA is in for interesting times ahead. He is a living proof to show the possibilities of Dr Martin Luther King jr’s dream.

Beautiful occupation signs when words should not be necessary except for some translation. Apotek=chemist, Farve Handel=paint shop. Some signs should not have words… especially the last one from China!

Like the migratory birds, there are no need for signs to fly to warmer climates and spicier foods. It has been 5 wonderful months of educational experiences. To L&M’s Norwegian family and to all my Norwegian friends… tusen hjertlig takk for denne gang!

Words are but the signs of ideas – Samuel Johnson

Edited 28Jan2021: Mar-Nov 2008 was a busy time glob-trotting and somehow unable to locate pix from Clem & Garry’s visit in the first few days of Nov2008. Tkx to Garry for the pix to refresh the memory of the fun times we had.

Met them at the ferry arriving from CPH on a cold&misty early morning and later turning into a beautiful visit@Akershus Festning

A drink&snack to warm up in the OperaHouse

Dinner&drinks@UnderwaterPub – my favourite pub, where we were entertained with opera arias, sadly&unfortunately it is no longer. In search of Munch’s grave in the dark@VårFrelsersGravlund=OurSavior’sCemetery

Walked from Majorstua to Bygdø Kongsgård, Kon-Tiki Museum, Vikingskipshuset. Poor Clem, do remember that he did not really have decent shoes to be walking this distance or weather, but he never complained and did not even know until we were back at Majorstua.

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