Uniquely Singapore


12 Nov 2008 – Grand Generation

Uniquely Singapore is the official website for the Singapore Tourist Board but what is a Singaporean? Nationality & race are not wholesome words and passport is for immigration purposes. More important that you feel comfortable where ever you choose to live. Home is where the heart is and today it is content to have adjusted to the time and climate. Tomorrow is another day and another story and maybe even another country!

While waiting for the air condition to be fixed, my thoughts  back tracked to the 1950s. Good sign as this will be useful when I continue with the family tree. Catching up with family was a nice way to spent the weekend. The stomach received it’s dose of local food and the body rested… life is good.

Welcome YEOH Chin Hong, Lucas (Jo’s grandson) and AMEEN Isabelle Yuen (Joyce‘s grand daughter) both born this year. The family chart for my grandchildren’s generation is colour coded purple, at present with 22 names including my cousins’ grandchildren on the paternal side, my 3 grandchildren HALL Cathrine May, Elisabeth Iris, John Whitham and the 4th due Jun 2009.

Grandchildren are your reward for not strangling your teenagers –