Back in SIN


8 Nov 2008 – Airports

Departed OSL in freezing temperatures on the airport bus Thu 0600hrs, app 1hr ride from town to the airport. There are no direct flights from OSL to SIN. Flew with SAS from OSL to CPH (app 1hr), connecting with SIA from CPH to SIN. The flight was packed with Scandinavian sun-worshippers in search of warmer temperatures. Landed safely Fri 0630hrs after app 11hrs 30mins of flight time.

Terminal 3 at Changi airport was opened early this year and this is the first time I set foot on the jarring designs carpeted floors. Wall to wall carpets are unhygienic, especially in a public building. Otherwise the well-marked signs are clear and easy to follow. The sculpture at the immigration control is gigantic and rather unusual. The moment I stepped outdoor, the feeling and smell were Uniquely Singapore!

Will take me a few days to acclimatise with the time difference in this heat. My air-conditions are acting up due to age and lack of use in the past 8 months! To be without heaters in Norwegian winters or without AC in SIN?? But I can look forward to the CUISINE in SIN 🙂 

There’s nothing like an airport for bringing you down to earth – Richard Gordon