10thUncle TSANG YanChuen (1921-2022)

24 Mar 2022 – Condolences To TSANG-Cousins/Maternal-Side

Sun: going thru’ old pix down memory lane from 60yrs ago with my mother(1911-1965), then the proud grandmother to her 1st-grand-daugher, JenLeng (do remember mother sewing that pretty little dress!) and now here with niece JenLeng who is in her 60s!! Happy Memories – life moves on but at least the memory is intact. Tkx to JenLeng for her share of the pix of her with her bro JenMun (1st-grandson for my parents), and the family’s pet, Pepe, the Chow-Chow!

Mon: condolences to TSANGcousins&their families for the passing of their, father, grandfather&great-grand-father TSANG YanChuen (1921-2022). Branch BG1LAM TinYue’s bro-in-law, the last of the BG on my maternal side – GG’s 10thUncle. Prayers&thoughts are with them all and may he now RIP. Beautiful&touching eulogy by Vivian – fond memories of him from 2018, the one and only time when I was fortunate to meet him in Toronto.

Thu9Aug2018: Majulah Singapura and the best National Day ever for me – thank you to 10th uncle, TSANG YanChuen (only survivor of my mother’s siblings) for delicious lunch@Ginger & Onion Cuisine/Alton Towers Circle. Standing L-R: Francis (Winnie’s husband), cousins KarLeng, Winnie (Anna’s eldest sis). Sitting L-R: Anna, 10th Uncle, me, Yun (LAM-branch) Henry (KarLeng’s husband).

So glad to be able to meet with mother’s youngest bro, 96yr and seeing him ticking off what he wants to eat on the menu and to watch him choose his own fruits and oils at the grocery is impressive.

KarLeng (daughter of mother’s older #4 sis ) and her husband Henry, who also lives in Toronto. To the orange generation, 10th uncle is their grand-uncle from HKG who is the look-alike to the actor CharlesBronson.

Tue: being a piano teacher at one time – had private students from 1971-2000 and taught at Loreto Convent, Balbriggen, CountyDublin/Ireland 1972-74; Tromsø MusikkSkolen and Nordnorsk Musikkonservatoriums, Tromsø/Norway 1976-81, should try to remember WorldPianoDay celebrated on the 88th day of the year since pianos have 88 keys by tradition – this year it is on Tue29Mar.


2yrs ago, these pix put Social distancing into perspective. Now even as SIN to simplify COVID-19 rules where safe-distancing no longer required when wearing masks, but being one who likes my space, I would still go with the safe-distancing as I now head out to FarrerParkMedicalCentre to pick up my meds, tkx to bro Les.

Appreciations to Mr Ong for yummy lunch@JiaHe, with an unusual appetiser combining sweet cherry tomatoes with smoky bacon. 3appetisers&4dishes+soup was way too much food for 5ppl – doggie-bag the noodles.


SignatureRoastedDuck (Half)經典脆皮燒鴨
HomemadeBambooCharcoalBeancurd+Local Spinach&PumpkinCrabmeatSauce自製竹碳豆腐莧菜
No pix of the Noodles&Double-boiledShark’sBoneCartilageSoupWithFishMawd鯊魚骨湯燉花膠筒all good&tasty like the previous visits. https://www.jiahe.com.sg/

Dill&fruits shopping@MustafaS$17.70 – today none of my favourite mini apples (S$3.90/5perpack here as compared to S$6-7 at most places) but pleased with the kiwiberry, strawberries&mini-pineapples.

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad – Miles Kington

Wed: a day to figure out the weekend lunch menu of different salmon dishes.

Thu:  Good Thu morning on this lovely morning. So nice to see that more planes are ready for landing on our tiny RedDot and looking much forward to family’s visit here next month. Yeah just heard from PM’s speech that group size will be increased from 5 to 10 from Tue29Mar. A morning of maintenances&services; new router (3yrs warranty) – FOC for both router+set-up by M1.

AC-overhaul chemical cleaning for 2units S$300, getting this done before family arrival from Norway who will want the AC on regularly during their visit! With Louis, my regular guy who has been servicing my AC the past decade, no worries or instructions needed. So far, have been using mainly fans, but did turn the AC on some hours in the daytime since last week when the fans were not enough for comfort between 12n-1800hrs.

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