St Patrick’s Day 2022

19 Mar 2022 – Happy 48thBday To My 1st-Born

Tue: enjoying this perfect cool&wet day with more audio-books and more sewing. Enjoying&living the moments to the best and the fullest to my ability. New Word Suggestion: Pluviophile = a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days – Surekh

Wed: good Wed morning and a good midweek to all. Had company crossing my path on the way to the market. Another perfect day when&where I am blessed by being able to eat&taste, drink&be merry! hear&listen, read&write, see&observe, speak&be spoken to, walk&run on 2feet etc. – need to stress all the positiveness to remain sane in today’s circumstances!

Thu: Happy St Patrick’s Day to those celebrating, and a Happy Everyday to all others not celebrating or marking this day. No parade, reception and any gathering but a StPatrick’sDayVirtualReception from Embassy of Ireland, SIN:

Nice shot from Min@Harry’sBar&Dining@Chijmes  – countless mass services attended here in this beautiful chapel, then CHIJ-chapel, my 1960s-school-days. Good memories of ColinM&JohnK from the 1999 to the early 2000s when the former FatherFlanagan’s (IrishPub, not sure which years it was opened or closed) was once located!

Some of the Irish menus from various venues for the StPat’s celebrations. Michelin-starred chef AndrewWalsh of CureNua and the only Irish restaurant outside the UK and Ireland to hold a Michelin star-  Bistronomy is cooking with seasonal ingredients at accessible price point.

Appreciations to Theresa&CJ for delicious home-cooked-dinner with an excellent sake to compliment the fish&lobster dishes. Being the only passenger trying to get on the bus, but forgot to have on my mask, the bus driver would not open the door and pointed to my mouth – encouraged to see someone doing his job.

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. 48yrs ago was about how to get thru’ O’ConnellSt,Dublin/Ireland to the RotundaHospital (maternity hospital) with the then on-going StPartick’sDayParade. Considerate even before birth and up to today, my 1st-bundle-of joy held on until the next day – Happy Bday to my 1st-born who I have not seen since 2020!

Appreciations to Ivy for HighT@GoodwoodPkHotel in good company of Carmel & AiWee. This location, now a national heritage here in SIN does bring back memories from early 1960s when I used to frequent here. SimoneLeMercier an old CHIJschoolmate lived here as her father was the GM then. Lost contact with her after I left SIN in 1965 and later heard that she passed on with a massive heart attack even before I returned in 1999.

GoodwoodParkHotel has curated a special IrishAfternoonTea for the Sense of Ireland with an elegant box of Irish-themed savoury and sweet treats:
– Coronation Chicken Finger Sandwich
– Egg, Trout Roe & Rocket Cress on Rye Bread
– Irish Beef & Guinness Stew with Freshly Baked Bread Roll
– Crispy Irish Duck & Vegetables Roll with Mango Aïoli
– Pistachio Strawberry Pavé
– Baileys Cheesecake
– Chocolate Mint Cake
– Shamrock Roll

All these yummy bite-size-food can be misleading and you are stuffed before you even realized what is happening!

Continued to Wendy’s BdayDinner@CC; was too filled up for any more food, did taste the Sangria, but too tired to stay pass 2000hrs! Tkx to Chris for the ride, its been a long day!

Sat: tonight’s family dinner@Madam Fan/ The NCO Club, BeachRd. Do remember being here a year ago for my Bday (tkx to Clement) and was impressed with their food&service.

Delicious dinner with after drinks was enjoyed by all, tkx to Clement for this lovely gathering to celebrate all the MarBdays+Les&Ivy’s 52ndAnniversary. The food&service was as good as the 1st visit. Glad that Les is pleased with this location too and was enquiring about arranging his lunch group here.

Like that we are able to have this cosy space for our drinks, here being literally under the spot-light – hahaha thus concluding 2022 StPatrick’s celebrations.

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