Gravlaks Weekend

29 Mar 2022: Living With Covid-19

Fri: TGIF and good weekend to all. Quite a contrast with the weather now as to yesterday or this morning. No worries when you have an umbrella or indoor cooking a storm! Take care, stay safe&watch your steps for all those who are out now. Was lucky to get indoors just before the sky opened up here – had tons of grocery from Giant/Tampines for the weekend and it would have been drenched!

Sat: sharing Gravlaks+SennepSause, BourbonSalmonSteak, IrishCreamPotatoes, CucumberSalad, Hollandaise, FløtestudeSjamponjonger, IkeaGrønsakskaka with cousin Karen&friends, Mylene+Lynne. It was a pleasure to meet with her friends and to make them one of my family’s favourite meals.

Pix credits to Karen and Lynne. Kick myself again for forgetting a group pix!!

Thank you for cousins’s yummy home-made Pavlova, (looked&tasted perfect even with the left overs for niece&nephew the next day). Appreciations for fruits&flowers from Lynne&Mylene.

322km/200m Columbia-Charleston, SC/USA 1st-born&her team was 2nd overall. First Masters and now nursing some of their angry hamstring. Congratulations to all for a good run – so proud of her. Pix credits to those who took these pix since I was unable to be there to do it – thank you.

I may not be the strongest,
I may not be the best, but
I will be damned if
I am not trying my best
Good memories from UKc2c thru’hike with similar distances that took 16days – pix from Day5 CumbriaLakeDistrict area.
27Jul-11Aug2013: England UKc2c 309km/192mi thru’hike in 16days.

Sun: belated Bday lunch for niece – a repeat of yesterday’s menu. Appreciations Les&Ivy for yummy Sunday’s dinner with quite an amazing combination of Indonesian foods together with steak+durians for dessert, including 2bottles of his basket-wines to take away keeping my own supply from being empty!!

Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures –  Broadbent

From cousin YatSoon in London/UK for this share of his lovely family. Happy Mother’s Day to Helen with fond memories of 9th auntie LAM PohKue (1921-2000)
I have not been able celebrate Mothers’ Day with my mama for over two decades now. Not a day passes without some thoughts of her and I will reflect on life’s dilemmas with pondering what her wise advice would be. I am intrigued by her life ‘pre-me’! She talked much about her earlier life, especially her closeness with her family in Singapore (so many of whom she missed in her years in the UK – she and her 6th sister would write to each other almost weekly, and I still have Auntie’s letters). Yet I never knew the rather glamorous, high-society Singaporean young lady pictured here (probably in the late 1950s)… such poise and elegance, some of which I am delighted to say seems to have been inherited by my own daughters. How my mother would be beaming down with pride on Merle and Mei today!

Mon: do not think I can repeat another weekend like last weekend again without help – will need this week to recover from grocery shopping&cooking and eating like this. And what has age got to do with this???

Tue: group size has increased from 5 to 10. Hope that will remain during 2nd-born&#6 visit next month. Glad that masks do not have to be worn when outdoors as I am so out of breath walking with the mask on, but will still keep it on when there are ppl near me.

Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better – Ingrid Bergman