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4 Jan 2022 – Staycation@Capella/Sentosa

Sat: Happy New Year –  a perfect pix from yesterday for me to insert text in for my 2022 greetings, non-text pix credits to KK, my oldest friend from 1954 and yes we are still friends today! Pouring buckets on the bus today, but nice to be the only passenger to start the year!

Thank you for Darrly’s yummy home-cooked 1-day-early-Bday dinner, and with cooking like this, he will no problems to survive his future overseas study in Australia even when mother is not there to do the dishes – hahaha! Good luck and all the best to him, hopefully things will work out and he is able to fly off end of this month.

Lovely view in good company on a cool breezy night from a HDB-22nd floor to start 2022 – tkx to nieces Judy&Daisy, nephew Clement &grandnephews Stanley&Darrly for including me – am sooo totally blessed with my caring extended family+old&new friends here in SIN.

Sun: bus to VivoCity walking to Sentosa via the boardwalk. Looking back on to Masjid Temenggong Daeng Ibrahim (the tiny green-roof in the background on top of the road-signs) where once upon a time was our neighbour in an era long gone.

Underpass from ResortsWorldSentosa and headed left after the toll-booth, to only realized on hindsight that it would have been a more direct and shorter way on the right! But then was in no hurry and exploring by feet is enjoyable for me, nice to see such lush greeny. Fortunate enough that someone thought I looked trust-worthy enough to let me in via the gate facing the beach!

With a room+room-service-dinner like this – Heaven must be a place on earth…

Fun time with Kat, Devon&Eliot+MeiPin. Games&night swimming, have now taken this great game Bananagram to a new level – must introduce this game to my flock.

Mon: 2hrs early morning walk to explore before the rest of the family is awake, ie 0700-0900hrs. like the National Museum, Capella have done a decent job here preserving the old colonial style by adding on the new beside&behind keeping the beautiful grand-old facade.

Being monitored by peacock on the roof was interesting – glad that it was not too borthered with being shot by this camera!

Down to ArtilleryRd where I should have walked yesterday but glad that it was not the case. Now I have the chance to see these building in drier conditions&better lights – FormerPowerStation

Former RoyalEngineers’Yard and these 2buildings I do vividly remember.

The Barracks&MessHall are vaguely somewhere at the back of the mind – beautifully restored and will be back for a longer visit another day. https://www.thebarrackshotel.com.sg/

Around the corner towards PalawanBeachWalk with the contemporaries…

Sentosa at its best in the early hours

Even this man-made beach looks inviting when you can have it to yourself!

Ready for breakfast&playtime – as long as there is energy&life, using it to enjoy the moments.

Appreciations to Kat for asking me there and to Les for arranging the accommodations/Villa5 – first&probably my last experience staying in this location. Has been raining relentlessly over the weekend but was blessed with no rains today until we checked out of the resort.

There are certainly no lack of choices for pools for this staycation in this resort – 2above pix downloaded.

Tue: 8+hrs sleep last night does help this old-tried body to rejuvenate! Nice quiet day to update this posting (took 80+pix over this staycation!) and rest.

Always take time out for rejuvenation and redirection.
Inquire as you move along the path.
There is no one best way. Different paths—different solutions.
Refinement is a constant process of growth for better results! ― Joseph S. Spence Sr.

Jan’s Birthdays

2 – Happy Bday Darryl
5 – Happy Bdays Gerald  & Leonard
6 – Happy Bday Cindy
9 – Happy Bdays Judy & Lee
10 – Happy Bday KeeYang
11 – Happy Bday Mick
15 – Happy Bdays Angie  & me!
18 – Happy Bday Isabelle (SunSun)
20 – Happy Bday DavidLam & Mayven
21 – Happy Bday Michael
22 – Happy Bday Katy
24 – Happy Bdays 15thUncle  and Ole K

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