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31 Dec 2021 – Old B/W Photographs

Tue: appreciations to cousins Yeng&Cheng for their visit and for all the old B/W pix to share and to pass them on to the other cousins. Kicking myself for forgetting to take pix of them as I do not have any pix of them…

Tried the BeefHorFun at this stall@MT-Market and Durian-Ice-Cream for dessert. Minister for Manpower Dr Tan SeeLeng and a Member of Parliament representing MarineParade ward of MarineParade Group RepresentationConstituency (GRC) was greeting the ppl by visiting door to door – appreciate the visit+goodies, thank you! Misread&thought that he would be at the PAP Community downstairs to greet the ppl, (Meet-the-People), glad l that I was within my 4-walls to receive the visit.

Wed: have put aside today&tomorrow for grandniecs Devon&Eliot visiting from NY, but since it is not meant to be, will sort out the old B/Wpix. Excited but frustrated as none of us are able to identify the child in this pix. If he is my father, this would then be from around 1915? Amazing how good condition this pix is! Asked cousin Susannah/Canada to show her dad to see if it may sparkle any recognition?? He is the only surviving son from paternal grandmother CHAN SweeNgor.

Edited: tkx to cousin Klaus who showed the pix to his dad and he recognised&identified that to be himself – that will then put that pix to be from around mid 1930s.

If only old pix are like trees where we can tell their age! Tan KimSeng Fountain(1882) would be recognised by most in SIN the only tell-tale sign that it is from another lifetime ago are the cars in the background.

Thu: father with his 4full-brothers (15Uncle being the only one still here) and grandmother with her 6daughters (11&13Aunties still with us today).

More excitment as I found some pix from my maternal-side, TSANG and those are few&far in between. Problem is that I can only identify the BlueG, some of the GreenG and none of the OrangeG. From my maternal side, the only surviving sibling from mother is 10thUncle/Canada who is 101 and I had the pleasure to meet him a few years ago. Pix are from father’s HKG/1973visit.

1958 amazing shot (I think father took that pix) of bro, Leslie – not much help from this background to figure out which pool this is taken from. Guessing that it is from the old IslandClub??off ThompsonRd and as far as my memory can take me, it was one of the steepest hill to drive up to then! Yeah I guessed correctly, tkx DavidT for confirming that it was IslandClub, and the tip about the tin umbrellasfound other pix for the same location taken 1964 with both my bros, Lawrence&Leslie.

My 1st camera around the late 1950s to early 1960s/TemenggongRd,SIN. Tkx to DavidT&StephenK learnt that it is a RollerFlex. 2011-Yulis&Chiew’sWedding/SIN. 2015/OSL,Norway, various Canon idiot-proof cameras where I can just aim&shoot. Enjoy taking pix as it is the best way for me to remember ppl&places by, even when the pix are not the best, but good enough for me!

Fri: my beautiful1st&2nd-born made my day – do not even remember when was the last I had a pix of just the 2 of them! Glad that they could spent some time together alone in NYC, even if just for one day. Too often we get so wrapped up with family&work that we foget to take care of ourselves.

TGIF on a short serene brisk walk with a nice ice-coffee-cuppa before sunrise. MT-neighbourhood-market decked up with cheerful lights to end this year – enjoy your moments for this last 2021day.

Appreciations to KK for lunch company and tkx for the salad – enjoyed the refreshing cool wet walk on EC Pk with my oldest friend and glad that we are still friends after nearly 60yrs – renewing friendship is the best way to end 2021.

The saddest quote ever created by the funniest man in the world? ‘I love walking in the rain cause no one can see me crying.’ Charlie Chaplin

31Dec2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 827
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 14,617
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 1,305

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