Season’s Greetings

27 Dec 2021 – A Long Weekend Of Glorious Foods

Fri: dental appt which was set up a year ago@BedokDentalPolyclinic! Good to know that teeth are still in decent working condition and the earliest possible next appt is Jul2023!! MRT with change of bus@EunosBusInterchange to UbiAve to pick up roast-foods for tonight. Lines were too long at my regular stall, tried another stall and happy with it.

Even Santa gave up on us tonight, appreciations for yummy dinner with fun company –
tkx to Calvin, Wendy&Helen for their contribution to the pot-luck.
Pix credits to Helen, tkx to Chris for the ride. A Santa joke to start your celebrations&feastings
The 3 stages of man: He believes in Santa Claus. He doesn’t believe in Santa Claus. He is Santa Claus

Fri24Dec: Fairest Lord Jesus/Deilig er jorden, The Cello Advent Calendar  –

Have enjoyed ElisaRobak’s Dec Cello Advent Calendar postings, thank you! Saw this painting and thought of her.

Sat: Season’s Greetings with Hope, Peace, Joy & Love from my flock&I around the world. This is the only year that I have not seen my 1st&2nd-born for a whole year since they were born! 2nd-born&family are now in SC/USA for this holiday. Have yourselves a jolly&merry time with family&friends where ever we may be and while we still are able to do so.

Thank you for lunch with Les&family. Kat, Devon&Eliot are visiting, but did not get to see Eliot.

Kiera is now of drinking age! Age and glasses of wine should be counted – ItalianProverb

Do sooo miss our annual family ChristmasDay lunch@TanglinClub hosted by Les&Ivy – pix from Dec2016. The last one together with our bro Lawrence was Dec2019 and that was also his last Christmas lunch with us, may he now RIP.

Sun: Happy St Stephen’sDay/Ireland (tkx to Carmel for the reminder) and Happy Boxing Day/UK&SIN. Appreciations to cousin Karen&friends for seafood lunch@Jumbo EC-Pk. It is always fun to catch up with her, the only cousin from paternal grandmother’s branch who lives&works in SIN.

4-ladies did justice to the food – lol

‘It is because of self-importance, why crab does not have a head’ -Jamaican Saying

Mon: great catching up with Henry – tkx for visiting. CCF-lunch@MT-market and for tea, FriedKueyTeow on EC-Rd.

i12-Katong reopens in phases after upgrading works, ie not all the shops are opened in the mall. Looking forward to PS-Cafe for their Key-Lime-Pie.

Perhaps home is not a place but simply an irrevocable condition ― James Baldwin

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