ByeBye To The Year Of The Ox

31 Jan 2022 – Will I Get To See Another Ox-Year??

Thu: appreciations&tkx to USA flock for these goodies which took only slightly more than a week (record for snail-mail) despite of repackaging – postal service must have thought it to be something else in the package, hahaha!

Love the drawings from #1-5

Fri: SGH-Blood tests, managed to combine with the researchers to get this round of blood to be done together for another check-up next week. Also learning about and hoping that in future blood can be used to check on cancer thus saving a bunch on CT-Scan which cost up to $$$$.

Short walk for breakfast to TiongBahru for a cuppa+my favourite almond croissant@TiongBahruBakery S$15. Bus16 to Spotlight/PlazaSIN to pick up some sewing stuff, could not resist the sheet-set for S$18, have not bought any new sheets since 20+yrs ago and probably will never have to buy new sheets again after this! using my BdayS$10coupon before expiration. Bus16 to Bedok to pick up more stuff, pleased with 3new dresses (will need to do some minor alterations) for S$42. All in all a productive day, glad with the energy level and using less than S$5for transportation.

Safe journeys to grandnephew Darryl who will be flying off tonight, will miss him this CNY. Good Luck to a new chapter&adventure in his life.

Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone – Wendell Berry

Sat: Oh dear! have neglected some favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 5 vac ppl for now!) in SIN. Here we are back on track again before the Ox gets out for the Tiger to leap in! CommonwealthCrescentHawkersFood: #02-96ManTianXiang满天香 FriedBeancurdSkinRoll 3pcsS$3.80

Up bright&early to get fruits at the local market for tonight’s fruit cocktail. Coincidentally same hair&outfit colours as Calvin but younger men still have much to learn – hahaha. Nice to catch up with QX who entertained me with his first go on cross-country skiing bringing back fond memories of my cross-country skiing days in Norway. Learnt that he is unable to return to his place TheBivy/TaiwanRock Climbing due to some silly regulations about not more than 1ppl being able to stay there, so that explains his normadic life at present.

Amongst good friends&good foods, 3men cooking last night in an ambience of a festive kitchen with yummy fish+other seafoods in the menu; Iyas makes good Malay food and tonight’s laksa was yummy.

Helen’s banana pie contribution from DonManis+delicious grapes&strawberries from others and my fruit-cocktail were the desserts for tonight’s reunion’s dinner@CC. Tkx to Pat for CNY-goodies.

Sun: finally some needed rains on this humid muggy afternoon, can never get enough of these short heavy tropical showers. The house@Rochalie is beautifully decorated with potted-flowering plants for the CNY.

Early reunion dinner@Les&Ivy+family, missing Kat&family. Starters 1.LoHei,

2.SteamedPomfret, 3.冬菇髮菜BraisedMushroom&BlackMoss,

4.臘味LapMei (Chinese preserved meats, also known as waxed meat), 5.BraisedPorkKunckle, 6.Prawns – with wines to compliment the meal, and all 6dishes have their own significances – Google if interested to know about them!

Mon: last reunion dinner for the Year of the Ox with Judy, Clement & Stanley@FeastRoxy/Grand MercureHotelmissing Vincent&fam, Daisy+Darryl. Not your usual reunion foods, but a decent early dinner sharing a mixed variety of dishes with 3generations of LAMs! Do miss our annual family Xmas&CNY gatherings.

First time seeing all these TigerBeers with the different local district label, did not know that they existed, but then not a beer drinker.

31Jan2022: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop ~5.6+mil in an area of ~721km²  – 858
SC/USA/pop ~5+mil in an area of ~82, 932km²  – 15,508
Norway/pop ~5.3+mil in an area of ~365,268km²  – 1,440