RIP Sidney Poitier

12 Jan 2022 – A Gracious Talented Man

Sun: a sunset scene only known by me as to where&when it was taken from, otherwise could also be sunrise. Watching the sunrise or sunset gives such feelings of total peace to be able to appreciate&see such natural serene beauty and that the darkness that follows a sunset is never so dark that it can change the inevitability of a sunrise – – Craig D. Lounsbrough

Mango tree@sis Jo’s has delicious mango when in season, she also has calamanis – tkx for a handful of fresh calamanis to last me for a few days.

Tkx for dinner@Jo’s with my bittergourd+celery contribution – pleased with my new concoction of a tasty&healthy BeetAgarAgar, ie if you like agar-agar&beets like I do! Working towards keeping with my 2022-resolution to eat less&healthier but with ups&downs like everything in life!!

Sad to learn of the passing of Sidney Poitier age 94, am a total fan of his graious charming&charismatic acting and will take some time to listen to some of his autobiographical books and rewatch some of his movies. The 2handsomest&sexiest AfricanAmerican men in my eyes are these 2 – pix downloaded.

Mon: appt@NHCS for a CT-Scan to make sure that things are OK after the last infection! A walk to Chinatown to check out the CNYdeco in daylight. Passing by PearlHill which is under construction after demolishing PearlBankApt where it was home to 4th-auntie&uncleWONG cousins from my paternal side. The new upcoming On-PearlBank is expected to TOP in Feb2023.

Tkx to DaisyC for lunch@OriginalChewKeeEatingHouse(ChewKeeSoySauceChicken)钊记面家8UpperCrossSt, dessert@MeiHeongYuen味 香 园 甜 品 ChinatownPoint. Lines@LimCheeGuan林 志 源 NewBridgeRd have started and tigers are ready for their leaps into the CNY, but I am far from ready…

Tue: cousinYeng gave me these 6pix. I am keeping four – BG1/SIN, BG5/Canada, BG12/USA, BG15/Canada (hope to pass them on when travelling is possible for me). Hope that cousins from BG17&18 will contact me if interested – if not will offer to other cousins who might be interested

Must have been exhausted, napped all afternoon! Rewatched To Sir With Love1(1967) which is still quite vivid in the mind; was just out of boarding school getting ready to start U in Dublin/Ireland and it made quite an impression on me then – glad that I still enjoyed it. First time watching 2(1996) and liked it too, probably partial being a total fan of his.

Wed: The Measure of a Man: A Spiritual Autobiography(2000) written&narrated by SidneyPoitier ~7hrs and I could listen to him all day.

I’ve learned that I must find positive outlets for anger or it will destroy me. There is a certain anger: it reaches such intensity that to express it fully would require homicidal rage–self destructive, destroy the world rage–and its flame burns because the world is so unjust. I have to try to find a way to channel that anger to the positive, and the highest positive is forgiveness ― Sidney Poitier