International Daughters’ Day 2021

27 Sep 2021 – 3rd COVID -19 Pfizer-Shot 


Fri: TGIF – have been quite engrossed into audiobooks and time goes by quicker with these interesting reads as the eyes need a break from the screen. The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss read by Anderson Cooper & Gloria Vanderbilt. An amazing heartfelt candid share with the public about their personal life.  Do look forward to watching the HBO production of Nothing Left Unsaid.

When we learn to live well in this life with nothing left unsaid or undone we find peace, freedom and full self-expression. With that, we are capable of anything — Jacqueline Harrison

Sat: more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN. TiongBahruMarketHawkerCentre, 30 SengPohRoad#02-06, TowKwarPop豆乾薄 (Stuffed Tofu Puffs) S$3. That is the market our family frequented in the 1950-60s, bringing back fond childhood memories, considering that our family used to own the row of houses on 3SengPohRd (now NewCapeInn) –

Some shopping at PP before dinner@Theresa&CJ. Appreciations to yummy foods by both bro Les and Theresa celebrating an early Bday for Les as from next week, SIN will be back to 2ppl for gatherings. What else more can you ask for when a bottle of 1986 Chateau Lafite Rothschild is served!

Sun: Happy International Daughters’ Day – with one in the USA the other in Norway makes it difficult to get a pix of us all together, but they are always in my heart there will never be enough words to let them know how much I love them. Pix are from 1981/Norway and 2020/SIN.
Daughter are angels sent from above to fill our heart with unending love

Appreciations to SL for the reminder. To those who are eligable in SIN for these 2boxes of free masks, today 20.00hrs is the last day for collection, but need to check which area still have stock. Also remembering the SP-bill or AC# when collecting. Was lucky to be@BedokMall just before 1100hrs with 2ppl ahead of me. Dinner@Jo’s

Mon: Good Monday morning, a good week to all with the result of the ART-test from early this morning before heading out for my shot – the few times when negative results are good! Efficiently in MPCC at 0800 and out before 0900hrs for my 3rdPfizer-Shot, hopefully without side effects besides the usual sore arm for the week ahead! Another box of free mask and a bottle of water+hand-sanitizer given – must now have enough masks to last me for a lifetime!

There is no consensus among scientists and agencies that 3rd dose is necessary, but many scientists believe that a third dose may help protect the very immune suppressed, transplant and cancer patients.

With local Covid-19 cases climbing, the authorities will be tightening restrictions again today to prevent daily infections from rising at the current rate – group sizes for social gatherings cut from 5 to 2.

A nice surprise call from cousin Yeng who has braved the journey in these circumstances and is back in SIN from Canada to spend some time with her parents, 13Aunite&Uncle and to take care of a memorial service for 10Auntie who passed on in Mar2020.

30Sep2021: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 95
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 12,259
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 861

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