Happy Labor Day/USA, 2021

8 Sep 2021 –  Missing My Flock

Sun: Happy 10Bday to #6, the youngest of my flock and today my whole flock counts their age in 2digits! His request was this kransekaker made by his mother, nice that she can use those old rings from me as my baking days are more of less over and also my oven in SIN no longer works. Tkx for dinner@Jo’s 

Mon: Happy Labor Day to US family&friends. Enjoy whatever you are doing and stay safe where ever you are located. My USflock is probably out boating on Lake Murry/SC, missing them all (pix from 2018). This week in SIN is also the school-holidays!

235 new locally transmitted COVID-19 and SIN rolls out measures to slow down spread of COVID-19 community cases by reducing non-essential social activities for next 2weeks. As it is, with the school holidays and the spread at 8different bus-interchanges despite that there has been no evidence of COVID-19 spread to commuters following the detection of COVID-19 clusters at bus interchanges, said Transport Minister S Iswaran on Friday (Sep 3), I would prefer to stay within my own 4-walls, except for my early morning outdoor cycle or walks before sunrise.


If you’re superstitious, you’ll know that during HungryGhostFestival (8Aug-6Sep2021), ghosts are said to revisit the land of the living. Particularly on 22Aug, when GhostDay hits. So today is the last day before the Gates of Hell closes again for another year. This is the first time I bought this package S$10 for sis Jo as she practices these rituals and I helped her to include a list (~50ppl) of the LAMs&TSANGs we know of in the family who have passed on – I am a total non-believer! Blog posting from a decade ago on this subject and still the same thoughts! https://amylamsg.com/2011/08/22/if-religion-is-a-thing/

Tue: nnnoticed deaths of older people will become more common as the population of over 60s grows – so sad! Next-door neighbour about my age lives alone like I do, but I am blessed to have family&friends to check on me regularly. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the newspaper are no longer delivered to the door, but to the postbox downstairs. Do hear her every morning getting out of her place to go to downstairs, and if I do not hear or see something like the 2above uploaded pix, will report.



Wed: really! are we moving backwards to the dark ages???



Need to stop reading all these depressing news!!