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4 Sep 2021 – In With The Lanterns

Wed: looks like it is a good harvest for #6 in Norway with his sunflower even taller than him who will be counting his age with 2digits on Sunday 5Sep.

Dance with the flowers of enlightenment—then watch as your mind and body blossom as you begin to harvest the fruits of self-progression and self-realization ― Natasha Potter

Byebye Aug2021 – in with the lanterns&mooncakes! Mid-Autumn/Moon/Lantern Festival will fall on Tue21 this month. Bought these 3lanterns 2decades ago and they need repair every year when I take them out, but they are absolutely beautiful&mesmerizing when a real candle flame is flicking inside them. Will probably need new ones next year! Looking forward to make a night-trip to the Chihuly exhibitions@GardensByTheBay after sunset with a full moon without rains! Perhaps that is asking for too much, but can always hope!!

Thu: Good Thu morning from a lovely wet cool island of SIN. Too wet to cycle but not too wet for a short stroll feasting the eyes with the pretty in pink flowers –

The Bougainvillea was named after French navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville, whose voyage to circumnavigate the globe in the 18th century led to the discovery of the plant in Brazil. Because of its beautiful appearance and showy blooms, the Bougainvillea soon became established around the world as a decorative garden plant. In fact, even though the Bougainvillea originates from South America, its largest breeders and producers today are in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Hawaii and Florida! –  NParks

Antigonon leptopus (common names: Coral Creeper, Chain of Love, Hearts on a Chain), a fast-growing climbing vine that holds via tendrils.

MrsGoh@HoltPk told us that the delicate pink flowers can change colours, thus also gained the nick-name False-Heart here in SIN! Actually the flowers will turn dull pink&eventually brown as they age – but that happens to humans too!! and down with the flags when they dry out!

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses – Alphonse Karr
Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. To those affected by the backlash of Hurricane Ida in USA, take care and be safe. 16yrs ago today, Sat3Sep2005 our group (CandyAss, Karen/MissWiggy, John/Gadget, Mike/T2 and I/TigerLil)+friends completed the AT-Thru’Hike 2,175m/3,500k in 127days in 2005 making me the first and only female from SIN hiking the AT-Thru’Hike then. Today VictorTan/FarerEastCoast (2012) is the other person from SIN who also has completed the AT-Thru’Hike. Appreciations to FB-Trail-Angels, fellow-hikers&supporters and to those not in FB.
Yummy steak dinner@Theresa&ChengJ with Les&Ivy – after a dinner like this, would not need to eat any more meat for the month!
Sat: Happy Bdays to 2nd-born, May/Norway and to nephew Vincent in Perth/Australia.

Sharing&recommending some of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN. DunmanFoodCentre, 271OnanRd. Say Seng Famous Tau Kwa Pau 正宗生成著名豆干包 S$1.50 per piece/S$5 per plate.

Celebrating the day with nieces Judy&Daisy, nephew Clement and grandnephews Stanley&Darryl. Tkx for yummy ChickenRice delivered by BoonTongKee (been a while now since I have had their ChickenRice), and durians for dessert. 

We were surprised by this flock – Wings of Parrots Community/WOPC with their free-flying parrots on EC Pk. yesterday.

Our birds are our priority and they are born to fly; not caged – WOPC members https://wopc.sg/
Had to brave the crowds to take a short walk after all that eating over the weekend and glad that I did or would not have discovered about these free-flying parrots, no matter how noisy they are!
4 Sep – Happy Bdays MayH & Vince 
5 Sep – Happy Bday Olai
6SepHappy Bday Nicholas 
8 Sep – Happy Bday Alfred
11 Sep – Happy Bdays Steven & MayY
15 Sep – Happy Bday Ting Ting
16 Sep – Happy Bday Ivy 
19Sep – Happy Bday Edith 
20 Sep – Happy Bday AmyR
21 Sep – Happy Bday Greg
23 Sep – Happy Bdays Joyce & Klaus
24 Sep – Happy Bday Yun
25 Sep – Happy Bday Kat
30 Sep Happy Bdays Mabel, DaisyL Valerie