Accepting The Inevitable

20 Sep 2021: Gate To Heaven!

Fri: PostOffice@PP mailing belated Bday greetings to Norway. FB-account seems OK now, sorry about it being hacked and appreciations to all for their concerns by informing me. Was out all day yesterday and did not get back online until late last night to fix the problem. What a surprise to see these artificial-flowers neon-blinking lighted wreaths, bright enough to wake the dead! This is the first time seeing a such a wake!! Looks like the Gate to Heaven here leads straight up to my floor, but only for 3days and not sure if its my time yet – hahaha

Hell and heaven are within you, both gates are within you. When you are behaving unconsciously there is the gate of hell; when you become alert and conscious, there is the gate of heaven – Rajneesh

For my wake or memorial service (if any), I want ppl to turn up in bright colours, drink pink champagne&cocktails, dancing all night to celebrate a well-lived life, like the one (that was a close call!) I had in my delirium in the ICU-ward@RafflesHospital – but please, NO mahjong and neon lights!!

Jun2020: Must have been in such a delirium – had no idea what was going on, but do remember seeing shadows of some clear figure (nothing spooky)+an on-going party in the background, so clear that I asked for a of change room in the ICU. This is what drugs can do to the mind, messes it up completely – the cheek of them to party on disturbing the peace without including or inviting me! This must be the first delirium ever experienced, do not recall or remember of any others.

Remembering Cousin Lam ChengChwab (1974-2018) Nov2018 – the most colourful light-show burial ceremonies attended –

Not trying to be morbid – just honest&realistic to accept the inevitable, especially as we get on with  age in this life journey.

Sat: more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentres (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN – OldAirportRdFoodCentre, 51 Old Airport Rd, #01-98Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodles 威利大蝦麵 S$5.50
Dropped by CC sharing some Mid-Autumn cheers for Chris’s kids – had a bite of this yummy pork-satay tkx to DavidW; to AllanW, might have finally found the bike I would like to have, but will first need to test it out – a Taiwanese-made-foldable 6kg.
More Bday celebrations with appreciations to Les&Ivy for a lavish-scrumptious BBQdinner under a beautiful fool-moon-lid-sky; tkx to Lee&Adeline for the best chocolate cake (from Jane’sCakeStation) tasted here in SIN with 3generations including Clement and Isebelle who was the only PG here tonight. On the bus heading back to the EastSide, some annoying ppl who was asleep left her alarm on her phone and we all heard a child singing TwinkleTwinkle all the way for me! When I got off at my stop, it was still ongoing, wonder if she woke up and got off her stop??

Sun: looking good there #2&3 at their first cross-country season meet – The MikeMoore LakeMurray Invitational yesterday@CrookedCreekPark in Chapin, SC/USA with their mother being their coach. Do miss cheering for them there, but will always cheer for them in my heart&mind. Has been awhile since I made a steaks, good of Clement and Leonard to take time to share my lunch today.

Mon: Happy 101stBday to maternal 10th Uncle曾恩泉TSANG YanChuen/Toronto, Canada, the only surviving sibling on my mother’s branch. He is the only person and the only one in the family who is over 100yrs

Tkx for this share IreneH – amazing that the Do’s and Don’t’s for Influenza Prevention influenza epidemic in 1918 is still so appropriately applicable for this 2021 pandemic now! Wish that ppl would read and practice these do’s and don’t’s vigilantly with hopes of slowing down and controlling this pandemic now with 1,000+new cases.

Looks like FB has blocked me from new postings probably bc my ac was hacked a few days ago!!