‘Variety’s The Very Spice Of Life…

12 Sep 2021: That Gives It All Its Flavour’
Thu: it is bc of consequences like these that gets me to report to MarineParadeTownCouncil/MPTC when items are placed in our HDB common areas&corridors. Appreciations to MPTC who has always been prompt&vigilant to remove them.
Today 100pax from Germany lands here@ChangiAirport and they will not need to be quarantined if tested negative for Covid-19 on arrival. Hope that flying can be opened up bit by bit, and no, I will not be rushing to fly anywhere yet – safe journeys to KK who will be flying off next week!
Fri: I think I have tasted&used most of these herbs&spices in my cooking, but not sure if I can name them all, can you? Could not resist downloading&sharing such a beautiful&colouful pix.
Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour – William Cowper.
After a FrenchMalayanCuisine dinner, I need to add this – its good to have variety of flavours, but do check that they compliment each other where the preference of your personal tastebuds are concerned.
Visited bro Steven@UMC a day early for his Bday, app made in advance and had to be swab for COVID-19. Nice to see him even when I can see in his eyes that he was having problems to remember who I am. Not easy to capture a decent sunset shot with all these constructions&barracks as I crossed the overhead bridge to the bus-stop.
Appreciations to niece DaisyL for dinner in good co of grandnephews Stanley&Darryl @TheWhiteLabel/FrenchMalayanCuisine where FrenchHalal cuisine does not compliment each other when you know what real FrenchCuisine is about! The food did not match up to the lovely presentation and the chic-decor. Do remember going there for coffee&cakes (also with the same company then) and now same thoughts as from 8months ago below!

From Jan2021posting: nice ceiling lights at a Halal-French-inspired eatery – The White Label, where we had dessert, but somehow cannot imagine how French-Malayan fusion cuisine, made Halal and infused with local flavours would taste on my palate? Desserts were OK, too heavy&sweet for my taste. Stanley was impressed with the cutlery&tableware, especially the small spoons!


Fri: Darryl’s drink YuzuBleu looks as pretty as he, I did not taste it. Daisy’s chicken was OK taste, but chicken was not properly cooked thru’ –  hope that she will not get a stomach upset tomorrow!

Shared TWLTruffleFries; my orders TruffleMushroomChowder – do wonder if they know what truffle is or even taste like?? Specifically requested for NON-spicy when asked if I wanted mild or strong spicy SquidInkSpaghetti – had to send both soup&main back after one taste. My main did not even get to the table until the others had finished theirs! Stanely’s duck tasted OK, but was dry as dry can be and Darryl’s pasta was nothing to write home about.

Have no intentions of ever returning – slow&poor service despite that they did smile and did not charge my orders. Perhaps one can blame it on the Fri crowds, but I do question what the younger generation knows about or have tasted the authentic world cuisines! Or maybe I am just more decadent as age catches up!!

Glad that we did not ordered dessert and decided to venture to TheHainanStoryChapterOne (Hotel Boss) for more food&coffee for the grandnephews – these young men can really put it in! Tkx to Leo for the introduction to this 24hrs place, glad they all liked it here too – especially the KopiGuTou! and, no, did not taste – need my zzz for tonight!! A lovely evening was enjoyed by all; am truly blessed in the youthful company of charming grandnephews.


BearyCuteQingBuLiang dessert ($5.60 per bowl, now $2.95 promo with top-up) consist of coconut water, taro balls, red kidney beans, pearl sago, coconut jelly and honey sea coconut before topping it off with shaved coconut ice and cute frozen iced bear. A good way to celebrate the new Panda bear cub recently born here in SIN, maybe he should  be named QingQing – hahaha


Sat: Happy Bdays to bro Steven/SIN and to cous May/Canada. And in memory of all who were lost 20yrs ago today when most of us will remember where we were when the NYC TwinTowers were destroyed.

Some more of my favourite local foods (only 1dish~S$5) from outdoor Hawkers/MarketFoodCentre (max 2ppl for now!) in SIN. 208 NewUpperChangiRd, #01-19 Bedok InterchangeHawkerCentre, BedokChweeKueh 勿洛水粿 $0.50 per piece.


Tonight’s dinner by LondonFatDuck tkx to SL.

Sun: the stomach&body need to rest today!

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