Van Gogh Interactive Exhibition

18 Aug 2019 – Hadeland Glassverk (1762)

Thu: visit here/HG in 2008 with Kari and then 2012 with Mette&Sturla – 7yrs ago since the last visit. Have always enjoyed this place and today was there for another reason than just to see&shop for glass.

Situated in Jevnaker, Oppland 40km N of OSL, at the southern tip of lake Randsfjorden. Usually here to shop for their sales items, but today was for the exhibition, and even that did not stop me from buying a few small sale gift items! Shrimp-salad NOK170 S$26 for lunch, May had a smoked-salmon open-face sandwich and #6 had hotdogs.

The last few days for the Van Gogh exhibition showing 3000 inspirational images using the state-of-the-art Sensory4 technology – for the very first time in the Nordic countries! Quite stunning effects.

Nice view of the lake from the playground&restaurant. Charming white building with the bell-tower which serves as a bakery today. HG is the oldest industrial company in Norway that can claim continuous operation since its foundation A/S Hadeland Glassverk is currently a co within the CG Holding Co, which includes business activities within industry, commodity trading, property and investment. 2012 KingHarald marked HG 250th anniversary,

Pleasant country-drive passing by JevnakerChurch, and again like many churches here, it has with the best views of the Randsfjorden lake&the town centre. Previously the site of a stone church, possibly built by King OlavKyrre, towards the end of the 11th century. Tkx to May for driving, had a good snooze on Riksvei4 back to OSL.

I don’t know anything with certainty, but seeing the stars makes me dream ― Vincent Van Gogh

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all. Lunched with Kris – NishiSushi@Majorstua where #6 managed to impress the server by using chopsticks when he had his favourite 6salmon-sushi pieces. Kris had the TartarTrio – spicy tuna; salmon with sesame seeds&mango; scallops with lime&cilantro and salmon sashimi for me, total: NOK411 S$63.

Tkx to Kris for this lovely piece of weave made by her. Toy shopping&banking and appreciations to Kris for her help@DnB. Seems like I need a Norwegian mobile number to make certain changes.

Sat: nearly 3weeks and few food pix. The children’s father once told me that many ‘Norwegians eat to live, while we live to eat and my father told me that When in Rome, do as the Romans do, so enjoying&savouring the fresh-bakes&seafood here to the fullest. Made a plate of roast beef salad at home for a fraction of the price compared to this small bowl of chicken ramen NOK139 S$22 eaten outside; bouquet of sunflowers NOK205 S$32. Food culture here is completely different from SIN, and we do not often eat out here.

I am on a seafood diet, I see food and I eat it –


Sun: after relentless rains yesterday and a nice night #6-sitting while parents are out, the sky cleared with a glorious sunrise today. Sunset pix with Holemnkollen SkiJump in the background was taken on a beautiful evening when it was not raining. Getting things sorted out to travel with just a bag-pack (ie no checked-in luggage) heading north next week. OSL-TOS-OSL NOK1,328-S$205.

Reminder note: when I can remember, will share the cost of living when in Norway as I have been often asked about how much things cost here. Thus prices quoted are NOT complains or comparisons, but to answer&share.

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