Hadeland Glassverk

3 Oct 2008 – Jevnaker

Hadeland Glassworks in Jevnaker is situated in idyllic surroundings on the banks of Lake Randsfjorden (app over an hour’s drive from Oslo). Here you can experience Norwegian traditions, history and culture and see the latest trends and designs in glass.

The glassworks is the oldest (since 1762) industrial company in Norway that can claim continuous operation since its foundation. With its 190 employees, the glassworks today not only represent a large and thriving industry and boasts a significant historical and cultural heritage, whilst at the same time focusing on continuous development and new design and is thereby one of Norway’s most popular tourist attractions.

Kari Heggelund, my first Norwegian girlfriend from Dublin days drove us to Hadeland Glassverk for the fall sales on a beautiful autumn Mon (the first snow fell yesterday, Thu in certain parts of Norway). If only I was living here, I would have spent a fortune at the sales but fortunately for my bank account, I could not afford to ship these amazing designs to Singapore and do not have to buy winter clothes! Thank you Kari for a most delicate guardian angel and for a wonderful day.

Friendship is like glass ornament, once it is broken it can rarely be put back together exactly the same way –

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