147m2 House For Rent

7 Oct 2008 – Ready to rent

Happy Bday to my brother Dr Leslie Lam. Are you in Australia, Singapore or the US? See you next month.

House in Norway, located in a friendly & safe neighbourhood with a panorama view for rent.

Pix top row from left: 1st floor – Kitchen/dining 16.6m2, living room 27m2 with terrace 23.8m2 and view, staircase, 2nd floor TVroom 14.6m2.

Pix bottom row from left: Bed1Rm with view 10.3m2, Bed2Rm 10.8m2, Bed3Rm 6.5m2, bathroom/laundry 5.8m2, layout of 147m2, layout

I am a good housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep the house –                Zsa Zsa Gabor

One thought on “147m2 House For Rent

  1. It’s beautiful! You’ve done a great job in repainting and restoring it. Ah, the luxury of space which I’m sorely lacking here…

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