Bærums Verk


14 Oct 2008 – Bærums Iron Works


Bærums Iron Works was established in 1610, Norway’s first blast furnace for iron smelting. 100 years later, the iron works has become the country’s largest industrial company until it closed in 1961. Bærums Verkhus is Norway’s oldest existing inn, from 1640.


Today, many of the old buildings have been preserved and renovated. The main walking street, Verksgata is quaint and charming with museum, restaurants, sculptures, statues, trendy shops and workshops. The best part of it is that it is only app 10mins walk from Piggsoppgrenda thru’ a serene wooded path.


Soaked every minute of the enchanting environment. Lunched by the river across a naked blond bronze statue. Decided I needed to walk after being cooped up with the painting for a month. Headed to Sandvika app 7km there and another 7km home. After all day on foot, the reclined body welcomed an inviting mattress on the floor. The cool crisp air and the fall colours made my day. Hope that the weather will be just like that for Mike Freed (LOON, my guardian angel from the AT) when he visits.

Everything has its limit; iron ore cannot be educated into gold – Mark Twain