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30 Sep 2008 – Polish communication with humour

Thanks to the Hustads help from 2 Polish workers arrived to paint the ceilings, terrace floor, garage wall, re-cement the cracks on the walkway and a few van load-fulls of trash from the attic were driven away. The communication in Norwegian between a Pole & a Singaporean took NKR 6,000 (app US$1,000) away from my savings but has been worth the money!

A joke for the last day of Sep 🙂

A Polish man moved to Canada and married a Canadian girl. Although his English was far from perfect, they got along very well until one day he rushed into a lawyer’s office and asked him if he could arrange a ‘very quick’ divorce for him.  The lawyer said that the speed for getting a divorce would depend on the circumstances, and asked him the following questions:

LAWYER: ‘Have you any grounds?’

POLE: ‘JA, JA, acre and half and nice little home.’

LAWYER: ‘No, I mean what is the foundation of this case?’

POLE: ‘It made of concrete.’

LAWYER: ‘Does either of you have a real grudge?’

POLE: ‘No, we have carport, and not need one.’

LAWYER: ‘I mean, What are your relations like?’

POLE: ‘All my relations still in Poland.’

LAWYER: ‘Is there any infidelity in your marriage?’

POLE: ‘Ja, we have hi- fidelity stereo set and good DVD player.’

LAWYER: ‘Does your wife beat you up?’

POLE: ‘No, I always up before her.’

LAWYER: ‘Is your wife a nagger?’

POLE: ‘No, she white.’

LAWYER: ‘WHY do you want this divorce?’

POLE: ‘She going to kill me.’

LAWYER: ‘What makes you think that?’

POLE: ‘I got proof.’

LAWYER: ‘What kind of proof?’

POLE: ‘She going to poison me.  She buy a bottle at drugstore and put on shelf in bathroom.  I can read and it say, POLISH REMOVER’.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place – George Bernard Shaw

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