25 Sep 2008 – Kolsås

In 1980/81, Kolsås center (with the former NATO’s HQ behind, now a military base of some sort) had only a grocery, bank and post office (app 10mins walk from the house). Today there are at least 10 other shops and even a hairdresser who gave me a free cut using me for their students’ training. There is a Vinmonopolet, state-owned and the only place one can buy wines and spirits. The subway used to run to Kolsås from Oslo but at present there are changes with the public transportation system and only the buses run from Oslo (app 45mins)

Linn (then a first grader) was the first group of kids who attended the new Hammerbakken elementary school in the Løkenhavna neighbourhood. The school is still located as idealistically as it used to be. The path from the house to the school is pretty during summers, except that it is now more trotted on. In the winters, Linn would slide down to school and that took her less than 1 min! May‘s nursery school was less than 5mins walk from home.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school – Albert Einstein