Happy 30th Bday, May

5 Sep 2008 – Kolsås

Linn flew here for the funeral on Wed and her plane was delayed. The cab driver raced from the airport to the church where she walked in when the music started. Today she took off back to the USA together with May. What a thoughtful sister who came up with a round-trip ticket as a 30th Bday present. Safe journeys to my 2 wonderful daughters.

Back in the house at Kolsås trying to paint and fix the damages done after 23 years of leasing to different tenants. Only problem is that my energy level is at it’s lowest ever; the flu is still lingering… but that too shall pass and life goes on! Thank you to my neighbours and friends, Mette and Sturla Olsen who has helped me thru’ many difficult times before I moved away from Norway and now again for all their help in every way. Views from the house are as beautiful and serene as I remembered.

4 Sep: May‘s 30th Bday passed by with sentimental moments digging thru’ their childhood memories up in the attic where most of their things were stored. A pleasant dinner at home in May‘s flat for the evening where I also spent the night. When will we be able to celebrate another Bday together?

Everything I know I learned after I was 30 – Georges Clemenceau