31 Jan 2019 – ByeBye To January & To The Dog

January will return again in 2020, but as for the Dog (Dog year ends 4Feb), will have to wait until 2030.

Mon: NDC to get stitches out after the extractions. Perfect timing for the annual trip into Chinatown to soak up the pre-CNY ambiance and see the lights.

Enjoying the Durian-Shaved-Ice@MeiHongYeun and watching life go by. OldChangKee, one of my favourtie curry-puff places has a branch located beside the HeritageMuseum. Like this shop with the various colours, sizes, shapes lanterns+all the other lights. A quick restroom call into ChinatownPoint.

Passed by LimCheeGuan – usually there is a line here that snakes around the corner with ppl bringing their portable chairs to wait in this line – the early bird catches the pig here!

And so it will soon be time to let the Dog out (pix from 2018) and welcome the Pig!!

Tue: pix downloaded. movie Green Book – based on a true story on a bouncer about an Italian-American who is hired to drive a world-class Black pianist, on a concert tour from NYC to the Deep South. The Green Book (1st published 1936. last 1964) was a road-tripper guide-book for African-Americans. Confronted with racism, etc, they are forced to set aside differences to survive and thrive on this tour. Brilliant acting and heartfelt ode to the bond between 2real-life men who remained friends until they died. Could not get enough of the piano playing, so inspired that I had to dig up my notes for Chopin’s etudes!

Grocery day@Giant/Parkway. Henry is here to promote China&Taiwan Mandarin Oranges for the CNY – both sweet and good deals today.

Wed: being in SIN now and not ever having seen Aloysius Pang’s acting, had to see Young&Fabulous (2016) on the big screen in memory of him@Cathay/Parkway. Part of the proceeds will be going to his family. Nice to bump into Aileen as I was leaving – pix credits of me to her.

Thu: CNY-deco@Waterloo St where Kwan-Im Temple is located and it is considered the good luck temple, so who does want good luck! For me the trees also make a difference!! After seeing the decos in Chinatown, Waterloo St and neighbourhood/Parkway, time to put up the auspicious stuff in my own 4-walls so that it will not look like a pigsty 🙂 And if you believe these predictions, will need all the luck I can get as the Pig Year is does not seemed to be kind to those born in the year of the Ox. Anyway will still enjoy sucking pig even in the year of the Pig – hahaha.

All the inane, meaningless noises people make that pass for intelligent conversation. They might as well be pigs grunting in the pen ― Norma Fox


Edited: condolences to Jan&family for the passing of her father Alonzo, may he RIP. Prayers and thoughts are with her. Will always remember him with fond memories and glad that I was given the privilege to make them a meal (shrimp cocktail and bourbon-salmon), even if that was the last time I saw them in 2015.

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