Florida Revisited

9 Jul 2015 – Hello Orlando
Mon: cab from Clearwater to the Amtrak downtown Columbia US$34 with a senior discount. Train was delayed into thee station due to a long cargo train which had the right of way.

Bitten by mosquitoes (6bites!) while waiting on the platform. Must remember to bring the repellent if I have to be in this station again!


Too tired and dark on the last wagon to see what stations we passed by until I saw some water tower with SC around 0600hrs. Must have been really delayed since we were still in SC.


Savannah/GA a quick stop to let off and pick up passengers. Had a cup of coffee and a breakfast biscuit at the cafe wagon and was pleasantly surprised to find this package of snack and water on my seat upon returning.


Jacksonville/FL was a longer stop to with more passengers getting on and off, refueling and a change of crew.


After 2 more quick stops, finally rolled into into Winter Park with nearly 4hrs delay. Not easy to take pix on the fast moving train with not so clean windows! Thank you Jan for your understanding a patience.



Great to catch up with her in their lovely home while the afternoon storms (felt more like a mini hurricane) opened up the sky.


Tue: nice to see Al back from their Ormond Beach house. Made dinner for these wonderful people and a privilege to be able to do so, especially for Alonzo and Marlene and are now in their late 80s.



IMG_3133Wed: good to catch up with Gayle. Nice place at Rus Teak***with ‘pencil art’. Good burger and the mussels were OK.

Doggy-bag the rest for dinner together with the rest of last night’s dinner


Picked up Colt (Jackie’s youngest while his two older siblings are with their paternal grandparents out West for 3 weeks) from day-care and got to visit with Amanda & family in their delightful home.


Liam and Lily are same ages as #4, #5 & #6. Tree-house in the back yard is just the perfect size for me. Could live there if there was an AC installed 🙂 Thank you Jed for bringing home all the juices from their new business for us to sample. Grounding Roots****will need a whole posting for me to do a write-up.

If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live – from sources unknown

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