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13 Jan 2019 – The Essence Of My Life

Sat: lovely ambiance for a bowl of KCHLaksa@LittleHainan Restaurant. Good to see Lily, Angelina&Zephyr and nice to meet with Corrinna who happens to be an old classmate of Chuan – small world.

Strangely enough, I was trying to get a haircut the day before I took off for KCH, but time was not on my side then. Angelina met her hairdresser friend when we were eating and her salon is just across the road from where we were. Also she was not too busy to fit me in. A seldom haircut by a professional hair-stylist@HairDo/AeonMall (MYR50 S$17) was worth the time and value.

Tkx to Lawrence&Mabel for dinner@The Heritage, one of the few places who knows how to prepare midin the way I like best – blanched and dressed with fish sauce+chillies, etc. Tasty ribs.

Fish fillet cooked with egg-whites, Mango-duck wrap, Crab-meat wrap. They have certainly earned and deserves their reputation as one of the best Chinese restaurants in KCH. Lucky to get a table here tonight, usually need to book in advance, especially for the weekends.

Appreciations to Lily who took the trouble to find Dabai – SarawakOlive, Canarium odontophyllum of the family Burseracea, it bears no relation to the olive and is listed as a rare fruit in the wild. She has kindly prepared for me to try for the 1st time. Blanched in hot water and seasoned with a bit of thick soya-sauce, the flesh is creamy like an avocado and absolutely yummy to. Am told that the seeds are also good, so cracked it opened and it is nutty&yummy.

Sun: according to my US pastry chef friend Gayle –It looks like all you do is eat and visit friends/family! I want to eat all of this. And yes, the essence of my life is family&friends, food&fun. The rains were relentless this morning, but did not stop Lawrence&I from an early breakfast. Trying to find out the names of some of these fruits. Appreciations to Janice for her yummy yummy home-made pineapple tarts and butter-cake.

Bought a small bunch of Buah Kelubi/Asam kelubi – posted a FB message to ask for info and tkx to everyone’s input, managed to find the correct name of this extremely sour fruit.

To Jenny for her comment: we don’t normally cook it.. just eat it and add with a little bit of Belacan to enhance… or we use it for cooking with fish dish for the sour taste.

Blessed to be included to Mabel’s bros Victor’s&Sunny’s combined Bdays dinner with her side of the family. Appreciations to Sunny&Mary for yummy food at their beautiful home.

Thank you to Alfred for sharing his fish.

Don’t just count your years, make your years count – George Meredith

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