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11 Jan 2019 – Real Food But Poor Service

Sun: tkx to Leonard for getting the PowerPoint, etc on my computer going. Now to get the presentations ready for KCH trip.

Mon: posting in FB – thank you to KK for lunch@RealFood/OrchardCentral. OK food, high prices and poor service (a waitress who insisted on speaking Chinese even when we replied in English) and no, will not return. Not recommended.

Comment from JohnK/Ireland – ‘In the few years I’ve known you Amy, I’ve never heard you say a bad thing about anywhere you’ve been or anyone you’ve met. I can only imagine how bad your experience at this place was to have prompted you to write this post’.

Reply – hahaha John – how are you and Happy 2019!I Good to hear from you. The experience with a friend was good (and yes will lunch or dine with him another time!!), but we both noticed how poor the service was.

Told KK that I will make a note of it here and you know me, my words are as good as action! If I have read a comment like this from any of my FB friends, would have not gone to this place. Did not have the NasiLemak, just, a pix as this was the only pix with a price tag at the entrance.

Those who know me also know that harping on negative&nonconstructive issues is not my lifestyle, and also keeping a distance from ppl who have much negative energy, ie always complaining, whining and finding faults in everyone&everything.

Tue: struggling with the choices of pix for the presentations. Tkx to Faith for yummy chocolate, cakes and for dinner co.

Wed: welcome Christopher from Shanghai back to SIN. He is here for a wedding and glad to catch up with him at the airport (easier and more time efficient as I live near the airport) even just for a couple of hours. Pix credits to him of the selfie&pix of me taking a pix of him!

Thu: Happy 30thBD to grandnephew KeeYang. How is it possible to have a 30yrs old grandnephew??? Still struggling to edit presentations and packing for my afternoon flight to KCH.

Safe&sound in KCH, the CatCity (not a fan of cats) after a smooth 1hr AirAsia flight (arr 30mins ahead of schedule) from ChangiT4. Hope that these new PandanCookies from PrimaDeli will be well received!

Tkx to Lawrence&Mabel for Thai food dinner@BlackCanyon/AeonMall, and nice to have met with Georgina&CC Lau.

Fri: TGIF- good morning from KCH-CatCity. What a wonderful way to start this trip with a bowl of scrumptious KCH-KoloMee@NoodleExpert in good company of Jenny&JohnKing. Julie&TYT were late and had to rush off to catch their flight thus no pix of them. A fabulous weekend to all.

Appreciations to Matthew Wee (Principal) and to SC Sia (Parent) for hosting my presentation – Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost@Lodge International School. A big thank you to an attentive young audience who had many good&relevant questions.

Lunch and all my favourites – Kedondong/ambarella juice, Midin, ManiChai Bee-Hoon, a rice vermicelli dish usually stir-fried with egg and ManiChai. All these fruits and veg are wild from the jungle and usually considered as poor-man’s dishes, but this is real food to me and will be happy just having that thru’out my stay here!

Followed by fresh jungle durians&mangosteens. Chuan watch where you sit 🙂 and I am in food heaven.

More yummy Dayak food@AwahCafe with CNY deco in place and where there is a Kedondong tree in the garden. Another glass of juice+2bottles to go. The stomach will not be too happy tonight, but such is life and tomorrow is another day. Thousand tkx for a very lovely&memorable day to Chuan&AnnChee+Yong who serenaded us with his ukelilli at the back of the car.

Those are the memories that made me a wealthy soul.

I’m just trying to keep things simple, and just be a little more offhand and not get so deep into things. Enjoy what you got right now, because who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow – Bob Seger

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