11 Jan 2018 – Flashfloods

Mon: the first working full week here in SIN and it started with heavy downpours in my neighbourhood – have not been outside yet, just enjoying it all indoors! Will venture out when the rains have died down and giving time for the water to run off. Pix credits to CH&CNA

Tkx to DaisyC for her visit with lunch, pineapple tarts&shredded dried-crabmeat from Vietnam, looking forward to tasting. Good to catch up to hear news of her 3boys, Josh will be 20 and Jordan&Jagger just turned 15. She also runs her own yoga school –  The Yoga Shala School, been there a couple of times and highly recommended.

Belated Bday greetings to Leonard. Tkx for dinner@G Hotel and for getting my laptop+mouse in top speed&condition so that I can work on the PowerPoint presentation for next week’s talk.

Pleasant evening stroll along BencoolenSt to catch the bus. Have not walked on this street since the road closure due to MRT constructions. BencoolenSta/DowntownLine is up and running and road reopened since Oct last year.

Tue: Happy Bdays niece Judy & nephew Lee. 1991 pix – 10 out of 18 OrangeG here from my father, LAM TinYue’s BlueG branch. The seldom times (besides the 2Pats’ wedding) L&M were together with so many of their cousins from their maternal side. Here for the occasion for father’s 80Bday in 1991.

Sad and annoyed that one of the workers from Vincent (contractor) broke a ceramic plate from Els Ceramistes Eugenio Mira, Altea/Spain. Do not even have much within my 4-walls and why are workers so careless lately?? first the kitchen cabinates (which is now perfectly fixed) but this can never be fixed or replaced as Mira’s works are individually hand-made.


Wed: Happy Bday grand-nephew Ang KeeYang on this non-stop rainy day. Finally most if not all traces of Christmas are packed, stored and now into PowerPoint to get notes and slides ready. Amazing how much is forgotten even when less than a year ago for the Nepal trip (Apr2017). Inspite of making only to Tengboche and not all the way to EBC, it was a memorable one.

Thu: another non-stop wet day but pleasant to walk. Was on the bus by 0700hrs headed to Mustafa, Little India.  No luck with faucets, but still enjoyed the walk in this lovely breeze with light drizzles. Only in SIN can one find a temple, mosque, 24hrs shopping, Hilton&ParkRoyal Hotels all within 5mins walk from each other. The diversities with culture, clothing, foods, etc on this RedDot makes it so unique and enjoyable.

If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity – John F. Kennedy


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