7 Jan 2018 – After 18 Years

Sat: what are the chances that all these breakdowns happen one after another?? The advantage is that now I can justify calling Vincent, my contractor to give me a quote for all the fixtures – oh how I dread shopping. Being particular and knowing what I want can sometimes lead to frustrations.

Looking for mat-finished faucets was not that easy 18yrs ago and 18yrs later, it is still not that easy. Both the kitchen and shower faucets are leaking and have been told that they will need to be replaced. What happened to the days when a new gasket was all it needed??

IKEA does not have shower faucets but they have kitchen ones. Bought this step-stool and got some funny looks from others by taking it on the bus –  not heavy, just bulky! Have been eyeing this step-stool for a while – today it was $39.90 instead of $60, tkx to nephew for gift certificate.

Geylang Rd to shop for shower faucet and saw one@Heritage.

Always an adventure to walk down this road.

Lunched@SoonHuat/Lorong29 but my favourite HokkienMee was not opened yet. Had the Meepok which was quite good, but not sure if good enough to wait 20mins???

Tkx to Zarina for a lovely visit and for gifts. Good catching up to share some bubbles and life’s experiences. Appreciations to Lawrence for 2bottles of bubbles (1 for Christmas and the other for my Bday).

Sun: enjoy getting fresh produce@the local wet-market before the crowds. Find it amazing how resourceful the coffee-stalls are in many places. They use recycled condensed-milk cans for take-away hot-drinks but i usually bring my own cup when not drinking at the location.

IMG_1747Satisfied with this strong new step-stool for multi-purpose – stand for fresh-produce, stool for the kitchen-table and step to reach for the higher shelves. Was busy making a 3-course lunch, pumpkin soup, shrimp pasta+salad and chocolate sponge pudding with brandy sauce that the camera was neglected.

Tkx to niece for the chocolates.

12th night was Fri, 5Jan marking the end of Christmas and signalling households to take down their Christmas tree and decorations ahead of Epiphany. That is usually the time my Christmas things get put away. Somehow for this year, the weekend fell just after that and since family&friends were still visiting, decided to keep the decorations until Sun night when they were put away – now quite ready to jump into the shower and to bed…

Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world – John Milton

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