In Search Of Edible Plants

31 Jan 2018 – Hello Blue Moon

Sun: Project 33 Potluck – Neighbourhood Foraging and from Alexius’s garden – a seldom time to capture a red dragonfly. Edible plants pix credits to Alexius.

Alexius&Isbelle’s Secret Garden!

False Ginseng, Money-chai, Sweet-potato and Blue-Pea

Appreciations to Alexius for sharing his organic tropical edible garden and to Isebelle&Michelle for their hospitality to an interesting&informative morning. Tkx to all for their potluck contributions.

Wood-apple & Beet-rice new taste for me.

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness – Dalai Lama.


Mon: : condolences to  Carlo&family for the passing of his mom Carol (pix credits to him) who was a friend&X-teaching colleague from the 1970s days in Tromsø/Norway. Tkx to Unni for forwarding the obituary.

Condolences to the family of IngvarKamprad (91), the farmer’s son turned multi-billionaire who founded IKEA. Started shopping there in the mid 1970s when I moved to Norway and still shopping there now in SIN as can be seen with some of the furnishings in my 4-walls here.

Tue:  appreciations for the privilege to taste Gel’s pineapple tarts – good job for a first timer, dough just needs a bit more butter! Collage pix credits to Gel.

Managed to carry my favourtie roast-piglet (tkx to an IKEA bag) in pouring rains on bus65 from Ubi Ave to Waterloo St! Got some strange looks on the bus, not the first or the last considering that it is my main means of transport!!

Belated Bday celebrations for Yoshie & I here@CC before Jan is over and before the rush of the CNY reunions and celebrations. Tkx to Seb&Adrian for the noodles and to Calvin for wines.

Birthdays can be an irony, especially when you were older than the country you are living in, also is a reminder to celebrate life as well as to update the life 🙂

Wed: last day of Jan on this hump-day and tonight would be 2018’s first lunar eclipse with a rare lunar eclipse offers glimpse of super blue blood moon.


Thank goodness the rains stopped in time and manage to walk from 1830-2200hrs following the sunset and the moon. Nice to see that ppl are out enjoying the fresh air while waiting for the moon.


It was amazing to see the eclipse with the naked eyes but could not get a decent shot.

Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass – Anton Chekhov