Light To Night

27 Jan 2018 – Something Old Something New

Tue: after a morning of grocery-shopping and taking care of foods, it was time to head downtown. The sky opened up while on the bus, but no worries, this kind of heavy torrential showers do not last too long.

A delightful river-walk in these comfortable temperatures without winds, sleet or snow and best, all to myself. New sculptures opp the Fullerton Hotel – A Great Emporium by MalcolmKoh and Chettiars to Financiers by Chern LianShan beside Anderson Bridge.

Wed: yummy dinner – beef&tendon noddles@Authentic HockLamSt Popular Beef KwayTeow‎ now also at N Canal Rd. Have not had it for a while, last time was@SeahSt and now my first time here in this location. Hit the spot on this wet night.

Molten Chocolate Cake – warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling topped with vanilla ice-cream@Chili’s Clarke Quay Central for dessert. The only thing missing was a sparking candle on top which will get me to feel like a volcano erupting – will try to remember it for my 70th 🙂

Glad to rediscover sticky here@Central – have missed it@Cathay Cineleisure Orchard on GrangeRd, the previous location.

Nice little gifts for occasions, and in this case Valentine’s Day and CNY around the corner. All their candy is handcut and there will be variation in the size of each piece. Packaging for these need to be air-tight, otherwise they will become sticky!

Thu: tkx to HS for this performance@VCH.

Refreshing&enjoyable programme with this group of young talented performers led by Ike See.

Pleasant evening walk, light gazing with a half-moon peeping out.

Light to Night Festival 2018 Colour Sensations@ACM and UOB along the SIN River. Enjoyed a claypot-chicken-rice (portion enough to doggie-bag for another meal) dinner@OneRafflesPlace food junction on the top floor (the best place to be when there are traffic-jams!) overlooking the rush-hour traffic on BatteryRd, 

Fri: Happy Australia Day to those down-under and TGIF to all. Good to see Brian again after all these years. He is looking well and has not changed. Hoping to catch up more now that both daughters are away in boarding school.

Appreciations for a decent bowl of HKG-style wonton mee@Mak’sNoodle here at CentrePoint which used to serve taste of local dishes with the Prima sauces.

Been some time ago since inside CentrePoint and was pleasantly surprised with what is new, especially this decent bottles of bubbles @Bottles&Bottles – could not believe my eyes when the Veuve is under S$60!

Orchard Rd underpass connection from CentrePoint to OrchardCentral.

All these fancy places in OC are fun for the eyes and the camera as long as the wallet remains close!

Favourtie cheese-cake@Henri Charpentier which melts in your mouth can be found here – did not give in to temptation – hahaha!

Occupying 3levels, the largest UNIQLO here in SIN which was launched in 2016 – just goes to show how long ago I stepped into OC.

Thoughts of Hannah when this bicycle-clock pix was taken and strangely enough received a wedding invitation from her in the evening! Another strange incident this month too with the plate broken by workman a week ago! Received news yesterday from Rita who was with me when I bought this plate in Spain nearly 10yrs ago – she just underwent brain surgery!! Wow what is happening???

Was blessed as the rains died down after sunset. Returned to see the Light To Night Festival Colour Sensations in the Civic District before it is all over – was too late last night after the concert, except for ACM, these lights went to sleep then!

Victoria Theater and Concert Hall.

On the way to the bus-stop along Queen Elizabeth Walk – used to jump, run&played around this TanKimSeng fountain in the 1950s with its original colour off-white then. Good to see it still standing, even though in blue, but my knees no longer stand as well as it used to, not to mention jump! especially after having been on my feet for nearly 8hrs, except for the hour+ with Brain.

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts – Alan Cohen