Welcome And Hello 2018

5 Jan 2018 – Starting A Happy&Healthy New Year 

Mon: always good to start a year with a Mon, a public holiday to gather and reflect on if any resolutions for the new year before a new work&school year. Tkx to Gel for her home-made acar, a local veggie pickles – both acar (pix credits to Gel) and rojak, another local veggie but this one with fresh veggie (downloaded pix). These are my favourtie local veggie dishes, just minus the pineapple and or any other fruits as they do not compliment these dishes for my taste-bud.

How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults, or resolution enough to mend them – BenjaminFranklin

A day to remind how blessed we are and these 2movies are my favourites to watch whenever I need a pick-me-up. Both give a message with  a heartwarming celebration of human possibility.

The Intouchables/2011, not sure if this is a true story, but Breathe/2017, directed by the main character’s son is a true story.

Tue: Happy Birthday to grand-nephew Darryl who is celebrating his last teen year! Visited in the hospital when he was born, where has the 19yrs gone??? Polyclinic day to check on blood tests’ results and looks like blood is in the clear to plan for another long-distant hike! the problem is that the heart might not agree!! Senior grocery shopping day@Giant/Parkway with 3% off, any savings in a saving and today it is S$2+and redeeming S$6 from PassionCard. Must learn which local fish is best for steaming.

Wed: 05.30hrs – Good Hump-Day morning to all, the first 2018 pix taken from the kitchen window where there is a full moon and from the front door where the traffic is still calm, also before the rains!

By 1530hrs, this was the pix, not much traffic of any sort and a nice afternoon to stay indoors listening to the heavy downpour.

Thu: Have you ever thought of walking the whole of Singapore Island and wondering how long you would take? How many Km you could cover? 100km hike hosted by SGTrek Expeditions&Adventures: 6Jan-15:00 to 7Jan-18:00. Tempting, but the heart tells me that it will be suicidal to attempt it now, so will have to give it a pass for this time round, not ready to go yet! Who knows, if this is still on for my 70thBday, might give it a shot then…

Fri: Good morning on this 1st 2018 TGIF. Tkx for this beautiful pop-up card from #6&his parents. Nidaros, Niðarós or Niðaróss was the medieval name of Trondheim in Norway when it was the capital of the country’s first Christian kings.

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