14 Jan 2017 – To  Geylang Road Again

Fri: the rains are relentless but still loving it – are we going to sink soon? TGIF with temps of 21°C and 27°C from tropical SIN – enjoy it for the moments. Drive with caution and patience with the MRT constructions&mess in the MarineParade area – the worst traffic back-ups are by the CHIJ&TN Schools, junction of MP&StillRds. do avoid driving around there, if you can.

Would usually not take the main road when walking to Parkway, more peaceful behind the CC and in between the HDB blocks, especially now with the MRT constructions! Tkx to Leng & Bian learnt that these are not Flame of the Forest but Peacock Flowers.

A trip to IKEA@Tampines to discover the changes@Bedok Interchange, mall and hawkers where the free shuttle goes to IKEA, Giant & Courts. Did not have the energy for the crowded hawkers (lunch hour!) this time round. Bought this bathroom corner shelves S$30 and had to get it done before taking off to KCH on Sun as workmen will be repainting my bathroom when I get back.

Considering with all the unlucky incidents recently, found a bathroom faucet and the same brand as the old one (on display and the last piece) at HomeoneEuroTrading Geylang Rd. Got it for a deal, from $160 cut down to $90. With both faucets and shelves purchases, am tired but satisfied.

A slow stroll (can never get enough of this mosque!) towards Lor29 discovering that all my favourite local&seafoods can be found here.

Its sure is my lucky day, must come here more often – life king-crabs, oysters, bamboo-clams, durians, including the HokkeinMee which was opened and being early (before 1800hrs), only 2 other ppl in front of me.

Sat: nice visit from niece Kat&family who will be heading back to the US tomorrow.

Appreciation for a go away party per request of Devon, my contribution – gravlaks. Tkx to Les&Ivy for yummy mussels&clams, fantastic champagne&wines and to Kat&Greg for delicious juicy rack of lamb. A combination of celebrations for Jan bdays too – Lee, Isabelle and I (3generations). The other family bdays for this month are – Darryl, Judy, KeeYang and Katy. How could 3weeks have come and gone by so quickly?

Sun: need to figure out what I need from today till Thu when I will be in KCH (last visit was 2014) without the laptop. Safe journeys to all travelling. Updates next weekend.

Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving ― Terry Pratchett

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