Tanjong Pager Centre

28 Aug 2017 – Lion Dancing

Sat: this is what I stumbled upon while trying to do some last minute shopping@Parkway before travelling. The opening of a new Harvey Norman Superstore – always excited to see Lion Dance, but those drums can be deafening, especially in a small enclosed area! Good to have them as such for once, getting my best shots of Lion Dancing, so far ūüôā

Was planning for a dinner at the riverboat but as it turned out, the lovely breeze was a touch bit stronger and even though how pleasant, wanted to make sure that the dinner stayed in the stomach! First time@MarinaSouthPier MRT station, impressive with not a speck of dust, dirt, garbage, etc to be seen. An 80sqm mural SIN Tapestry by Prvachi celebrates life in SIN with its diversity, colours, and united in aspiration.

TanjongPagarCentre,¬†also known as¬†GuocoTower, a¬†S$3.2 billion¬†mixed-use development¬†located in¬†TanjongPagar. Tonight’s outdoor weather was just like being in 7thHeaven, no crowds and the beautiful breeze added to a perfect evening outside the JapaneseRailCafe (must try) with some some background live-music from some pubs+entertainment for the younger generation with¬†Pok√©mon hunt!

Good dinner@IndoChili***tasty Indonesian cuisine but the staff could do with better service and training!

Coffee@MarmaladePantry (Oasia¬†Hotel Downtown). This piece of meringue lemon cake looks interesting&tempting, but if I had it, it would be hell and not 7thHeaven;¬†as it is at present, seems like the whole body is unhappy with me ūüôĀ

Sun: a lovely evening walk with Clem¬†(the only one of nieces and nephew who will walk these long walks) from EC Pk-Sports Hub, app 10k. Needed this walk before getting stuck in airplanes and airports. Cute kiddie’s mini circus tent by the sea! The sun was gone by the time we were nearer to Garden by the Bay (East). Wanted to check out this eatery when I was walking by the last time.

Tkx to Clem for dinner@Kontiki***decent grilled chicken salad Caesar Salad&Blooming Onion. He had the Fish&Chips.

Has been over a decade ago since I last crossed the TanjongRhu suspension pedestrian bridge! Do not usually take this route. By the time we got to the stadium, it was peaceful and quiet and that this how I like my walks. Crossing the overhead bridge to get the bus and got just before midnight.

Mon: a suitcase filled with gifts for May&#6 who will be celebrating their Bdays next week when I am there. Now that the packing is done, can start looking forward, safe journeys to me and all travelling. Watching the news to learn that those in China are celebrating Valentine’s Day today – Happy Valentine’s Day, Qixi FestivalšłÉŚ§ēÁĮĬ†celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in¬†Chinese mythology, pix downloaded.

Appreciations to Gel for dropping by to return a book. Tkx for good lunch company.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps –¬†Confucius

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